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Every Part for your Esprit!
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Esprit Forums
Places to Chat for Esprits Enthusiasts
The Last Esprit
The very last Esprit ever built
Esprit's in the Force
A little info on the UK and US Police Esprits
Esprit & Lotus from the past
Tall Esprit Drivers
What can be done to fit in!
UK Esprit Diary
List of up & coming events
Esprit in the movies (love at first sight)
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Black & White jpegs
Other sites we think you might like!
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Esprit Advert Pics
Plus a few cool pics

Lotus Models
Really! Lotus makes other cars!

See the rest here (including a cycle)

LEW Official Calendar 2019
Buying & Getting your Esprit in Next Years!
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Esprit Wallpaper
Give your PC a touch of Esprit!
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Esprit Video Clips
See the Esprit on the move!
Racing Giugiaro Esprit
Competing Pre 1988 Esprits
Lotus Esprit GT1
Website on the mighty V8-GT1
Racing GT1 Esprit
Competing GT1 Esprits
Racing Stevens Esprit
Competing Post 1988 Esprits
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Esprit ScreenSaver
For those who chose Windows!
Sport 350 Register
Searching for the 54 350s
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Paper Cut-Out Models
Make your own Esprit, now a choice of 3!
Wrecked Esprits
What you are about to see may cause distress!
Convertible Esprits
Roof off a Giugiaro Esprit
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Esprit Girls
Laying all over our cars!
Random Wrecks
What you are about to see may cause distress!
Track Days 2006
Enjoy the Esprit on the Track
Esprit Surplus Parts List
Parts Sale at Hangar 111, Feb 2009
Snow Esprits
They really shouldn't be out in the cold!
Esprit S1
Sales Brochure from 1977
Spinning Esprits
They really should get round the corner!
Beginners Guide Esprit Beginners Guide
Everything for the uneducated!
Esprit Build V8
Our Lotus Factory Build Website
Auto Graph Photographers
Get professional pictures of your pride & joy
Esprit Models
Toys and Collectables of a classic
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Esprit Adverts
Old school magazine adverts

Factory Visits

PNM Factory Visit
LEW checking out PNM Engineering!
LEW Hethel Visit
LEW's let loose at Lotus HQ
Lotus Esprit World, 21st July 2005
SWLC Factory Visit
LEW checking out South West Lotus Centre!
Coming Soon
Hangar 111 Factory Visit
LEW checking out Hangar 111!
LEW Hethel Visit
LEW's let loose at Lotus HQ
Lotus Esprit World, 20th November 2003
Lotus Factory Visit
Factory Open Day, April 29th 2001
Paul Matty Factory Visit
LEW checking out Paul Matty Sports Cars
Lotus Parts Sale
Bristol Parts Clearance, 15th January 2007

Nick Whale Sportscars
LEW checking out the Midlands Dealer

Lotus Originals
Regent Street, London, March 2013
Nick Fulcher Coachtrimmers
An introduction
We generally only visit business with good reputations in the Lotus World, so don't expect to find a negative report here. These Factory Visits are designed to show you around the business and highlight what they can do for you. If you wish to recommend a specialist please email us.

007 Esprits

007's Esprit
Does yours go underwater?
Top Ten Film Cars
Metro, March 2004
Bond Car Tops Movie Poll
Sky News, August 2005
Spy Who Loved Me Holiday
LEW Users Esprit Inspired Holiday
Most Famous Bondmobiles
Forbes Auto, August 2005
For Your Eyes Only Esprit
Live Auction on Ebay
Sirens are forever
Evening Standard, July 2006
Bond's Practical Classic
Practical Classics magazine
January 2007
Esprit for the Sea
ClubLotus Mag, Jan 2007
Bond's Esprit Auction
Original restored S1 at Auction
December 2008
Bonds Best Car
Car Middle East, Nov 2008
Shaken not Stirred
James Bond's Sub and S1
Lotus Club Mag – Summer 2009
7th Heaven
James Bond's Company Cars
Practical Classics, Sep 1999
007's Secret Weapon
How Roger Becker became unlikely movie star

Lotus Magazine, Nov 2010
For Your Eyes Only Esprit
Lotus pics from fliming
Fancy a Bond car on a Budget?
Classics and Sports cars
Bond on Bond
City Magazine September 2012
For Your Eyes Only
James Bond Car Collection
007's Esprit Auction
Sub sold in September 2013
Tesla founder buys submarine car
Elon Musk has bought James Bond's Lotus Esprit theguardian.com, Oct 2013
Sotheby's Esprit Auction
Details from September 2013

Sir Roger Moore has died
aged 89 after 'short but brave' battle with cancer
23 May 2017

Esprit SUBs
Collection of Bond's Esprit
Esprit Goes Deep
New York Newspaper article 1977
James Bond's Lotus Esprit driven
Telegrahp May 2017

The 'New' Esprit

Sharon Stone & the new Esprit
'Official US Debut'

L.A. Auto Show, Nov 2010
New Lotus Esprit
Media getting it wrong

Autocar Magazine, Jan 1991
New Lotus Esprit
Lotus Esprit
ClubLotus Magazine, Nov 2010
New Lotus Esprit
Lotus Esprit
Lotus Magazine, Nov 2010
Lotus: The Next 6 Years
'New' Lotus Esprit
and other models
AutoCar Magazine, Oct 2010
Lotus: all this in 5 years?
'Five' New models revealed in one single day

Car Magazine, Nov 2010
New Lotus Esprit
'Official Debut, due 2013'

Paris Motor Show September 2010
New Model Army
'New' Lotus Esprit
and other models
Top Gear Magazine, Oct 2010

Esprit: The Remake
'New' Lotus Esprit

CAR Magazine, May 2006

The All New:
'New' Lotus Esprit

Autocar, February 2004
New Lotus to take on 911
News from Canada!

MSN Auto, June 2006
Testbed Esprit
'New' Lotus Esprit Test Mule Pictures
NEW Esprit 2008
Another guessing Article Sept 06
Lotus Esprit 2009
AutoExpress Sept 06
New Esprit Structure
proActive magazine Dec 2006
Spy Shots
Collected from the World's Media
Lotus Supercar goes Topless
'New' Lotus Esprit
AutoCar Aug 07
Scooped: New Lotus Esprit
'New' Lotus Esprit
AutoCar Feb 08
New 'FAKE' Lotus Esprit
AutoExpress June 2009
New 'FAKE' Lotus Esprit
AutoExpress August 2010
Esprit 2014
Track Side View
December 2013
2014 Esprit
Car & Driver
September 2010
New Lotus Esprit
'Still on the cards'

Carscoops, February 2014
New Lotus Esprit 2017
Redesign And Review

autocarnewshq, March 2016
New Lotus Esprit
to hit roads in 2020

Autocar, May 2018
All-New Lotus Esprit
Will Debut In 2020

Car Buzz, May 2018

Esprit Articles

The Story So Far
Limited Esprit Book printed for Lotus USA!
Buy in first through Lotus Esprit World
Lotus Esprit:The Official Story
by Jeremy Walton
Malcom in the Middle
Malcom sells his Esprit on Ebay
Me & My Motor
Bitten by the Esprit Spirit
Fatal Esprit Crash
French Accident Kills Esprit driver
Esprit Scale Models
SMTS Models for purchase
Last (European) Esprit
As Esprit production winds down

Esprit Design Concept
Design Students Esprit Concept & more...

Survival of the Quickest
Esprit Model History
ClassicCar 2000
Best of British: Lotus
Video Review
Invincible Esprit
Rebuilt Sport 300
LotusLife June 2001
Dutch Dynamo
Racing Esprit from Holland
LotusLife March 2002
Mr Esprit
LEW interviews Brian Angus at Hethel
Lotus Esprit World, 20th November 2003
Mr 'Junior' Esprit
LEW interviews Geoff Davidson at Hethel
Lotus Esprit World, July 2005
Jeremy Walton
LEW Interviews Esprit Author
Lotus poised for Comeback
Interview with Deputy Chairman & new models
Autocar, October 2003
Johannesburg Esprit Club
Pics from Africa
Esprit V8 Racer
Competing in the 2004 Grand American Cup
Lotus Down Hill Racers
Maybe the next Esprit won't have an Engine!
So farewell the, Lotus Esprit
Daily Telegraph, February 2004
Esprit Winner
Competition winner gets a Turbo Esprit
CAR Magazine April 1982
Esprit S2 Turbo
Bell & Colvill Special
Discovered for sale on Ebay!
Esprit Computer Games
Racing the Esprit around your PC!
Russell Car: Lotus Chief Designer
The Mad Professor
The Sunday Times 2004
Lamborghini Chase
France 1998
Centuries Top Cars
Esprit is mentioned!
2CV Esprit Van
It's amazing what people do with an Esprit!
Ebay Jan 2004 & again Jan 2005

Peter Stevens Profile
Autocar May 1989!

Esprit de corpses
Classic Car June 1994!

Lotus Esprit Convertible
World Sportscar, August 1989
A fond farewell to a fine lady
Lotus Life 2004
1993 Esprit GT300
For Sale in OZ, January 2006
Esprit GT2
American Esprit Enthusiast look over race car
How the other half drives
Motoring Telegraph, September 2005
The First S1 (0100G)
First Esprit to come home
Eastern Daily Press


New Esprit leaves the UK
AutoCar, March 2005

Classic Cars: Esprit
Times Newspaper Online
Celebration of a supercar DVD
LEW Review plus ordering info.
Esprit: Addiction for Life DVD
LEW Review plus ordering info.
That's the New Lotus
Grismby Evening News 1976
Greatest Ever High Performance Car
Sky News, August 2005
Exotic Cars
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
Track Day Preparation
Get your Esprit Track Ready!
Giugiaro to Stevens
How the Esprit was restyled
AutoCar Magazine May 1989
Quick Thinker
Active Suspension
Car Magazine Nov 1983
Active Racer
Nigel Mansell trys out Active Suspension
Car Magazine Nov 1983
Esprit V6
Practical Performance Car
December 2006
MJK Interview
Evo Magazine Oct 2007
Cutting Wedge
Octane Magazine
January 2008
Waking the Dead
Restoring Essex 004
ClubLotus Magazine
UAE Esprit UAE Esprit
Dumped in the Desert
Middle East Car Magazine
How to draw....
Supposedly a Lotus Esprit
JPS Club Lotus
From ClubLotus Magazine Jan 09
Shaken not stirred – re-trim
From ClubLotus Magazine Jan 09
A Chat with Roger Becker
From ClubLotus Magazine Jul 09
Project Sport 500
Getting 500bhp out of a Sport350
From ClubLotus Magazine Jul 09
Lotus Beater
Practical Performance Car April 06
Elf Esprit
From ClubLotus Magazine Oct 09
JPS Club
From ClubLotus Magazine Oct 09
Festival of Speed 2009
From ClubLotus Magazine Oct 09
Thoughts of the Chairman
From Autocar 1979
Building up a Lotus
From Autocar 1979
Off with it's Head
From ClubLotus Magazine 1992
Esprit Pace Car
Prepared by Lotus to full PPG Pace Car Specifications
Esprit GT300
built by the Lotus Racing department in 1993
Pink Panther
Twin Turbo V8 S3
Turbo Charging
A brief History of
Octane magazine June 2010
Esprit Mould
For Sale on Ebay
Esprit 4.2l V8
Powered by an Audi V8 with 6-speed gearbox
for Sale on Ebay, August 2010
Lights, Camera, Action
Classic TV Car Chases
Practical Classics September 2005
Esprit GT300
For Sale on Ebay

November 2010
10 Cars to Drive before you Die
Orange UK website
January 2011
On Active Service
Lotus' electronically-controlled suspension
AutoCar, September 1983
Sky's the Limit
Esprit Convertible
Top Car Magazine 1991
Julia Roberts gets in Gere
Esprit in Pretty Woman
Lotus Magazine Feb 2011
The Type 108
Lotus Bike
Lotus Magazine Feb 2011

Sex Drive
Sharon Stone's clutch moment!
Lotus Magazine June 2011

Simplicity & Lightness: Lotus
Style of a British Icon
Lotus Magazine June 2011

Esprit Years
Esprits through the years!
Lotus Magazine June 2011

1982 Esprit Race Car
For Sale
Ebay July 2011
Back in the US of A...
Man Who Brought Lotus back to the USA in 1983
The Lotus Forums
Chris Evans Esprit S1
DJ in the Esprit
ClubLotus Mag May 2012
The Lotus Position
1981 Esprit gets Air-ride and Split-rims
Retro Cars Mag Nov 2012
Boom and Bust?
Christ Harris Blog
Esprit S1 at Auction
Desert Esprit
Lotus Esprit Travels the Desert!
October 2011
Brands Hatch Lotus Festival
ClubLotus Mag Oct 2013
Lotus Models
Car Models Article
ClubLotus Mag Feb 2013
Belgium S1 for Sale
Out of Storage after 10years
Availabe November 2012
Classified of the Week
Lotus Esprit
Top Gear Magazine Apr 2013
Esprit S1 Race Car
For Sale
Ebay March 2013
Esprit Sculpture
by David Clark Designs
May 2013
Chrome Esprit
Mirrored Esprit
May 2013
The Last Esprit on SALE
The very last Esprit ever built on sale
October 2013
One Day
I'm going to own a Lotus
ClubLotus Mag Jan 2014
Grand Esprix Updated
I want to race my Esprit
ClubLotus Mag Jan 2014
Pretty Woman Esprit
at Auction
July 2013
LEW Official Calendar 2004 Revisted
Looking back at the first calendar over 10 years ago!
LEW Official Calendar 2005 Revisted
Looking back at the Esprits from 2005!
Lotus Esprit V8-GT Race Car
For Sale on Ebay
July 2014
For Your Eyes Only
James Bond 007 Esprit...
ClubLotus Mag Apr 2014
Letters & Irish Weekend
Esprit related info from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag Apr 2014
Supercar Racing Wrap!
Esprit in Ayrton Senna JPS Livery
July 2014
Lotus Esprit ‘St Tropez’
For Sale
Ebay August 2014
Welsh Weekend in Italian Riviera
Esprit related info from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag Nov 2014
Adventure In The Dordogne
Esprit related info from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag Nov 2014
World's Shiniest Esprit
Esprit related info from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag Apr 2014
JPS Esprit 330
Esprit related info from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag Nov 2014
Esprit Gearbox Maintenance
Esprit related info from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag Nov 2014
Me and My Car
Michael Provost and his Lotus
17 November 2014
Citroën Visa Lotus
Esprit related bits
Jan 2015
Worth a Fortune in the Future
10 Cars for the Future
Supercompressor, Jun 2015
More power to your Elbow
Esprit related info from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag Jul 2015
Calendar 2007 Revisted
Looking back at the first calendar over 10 years ago!
In search of Bond...
Esprit Stories from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag Jan 2016
JPS Esprit and Power Steering
Esprit Info from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag Jan 2016
Going Green Twice!
Esprit Stories from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag April 2016
Grand Esprix, JPS & Winter Testing!
Esprit Info from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag April 2016
7 that should make a comeback
memorable cars deserve to be reincarnated
Autocar, Jul 2016
S4 Development Trip
Esprit Story from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag July 2016
Chapman's Esprit Revival
1977 Esprit in a garden
Practical Classics, December 2016
Lotus Esprit
One Wedgie you won't mind!
Patina, April 2017
Esprit GT3
Thoughts from Mr Esprit...
ClubLotus Mag Apr 2017
Lotus Esprit
comprehensive book
by Matt Younger and Mike Younger
Ghost in the Shell
Esprit in the movies again, May 2017
Why Pretty Woman?
Why Pretty Woman producers choose an Esprit?
Why we love them
Lotus Esprit
Bring a Trailer.com
Hethel 1980 – 37 years ago
Thoughts from Mr Esprit...
ClubLotus Mag Oct 2017
Sojourn to France
1990 Esprit Turbo on Tour...
ClubLotus Mag Jan 2018
Esprit S4 Introduction
Thoughts from Mr Esprit...
ClubLotus Mag Jan 2018
Annus Horribilis
2017 Racing Season...
ClubLotus Mag May 2018
Renault Transmission
Clarifying the situationr...
ClubLotus Mag May 2018
Hidden Spoiler...
1981 Turbo's 2nd spoiler
Jalopnik May 2018
ClubLotus members Esprit..
ClubLotus Mag July 2018
Esprit Active Suspension
For Sale on Ebay
Framing John DeLorean
About the Crazy, Desperate Times of DeLorean
Release June 2019
1978 Esprit S2 Racecar
For Sale
May 2019
1976 Esprit Racecar
For Sale with BMW M5 Engnine
May 2019
After Winter Maintenance
Esprit Info from Club Mag
ClubLotus Mag April 2019
Vehicles of Historic Interest
VED and MoT Exemption
ClubLotus Mag April 2019

Esprit Gatherings

Donington 2013
20-21st April 2013
Castle Combe
ClubLotus Track Day
May 2013
Donington 2011
13-14th August 2011
Castle Combe
ClubLotus Track Day
May 2012
Sydney Esprits
Group meeting up down under
September 2010
Sydney Esprits
Group meeting up down under
March 2011

Goodwood Festival of Speed
Manufactuer's Day
1st July 2010

Supercar Sunday
Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon
27th June 2010
ClubLotus Festival
17-18th April 2010
Club Lotus Track Day
Castle Combe , 29th May 2010
SWLC Open Day
26th September 2009
LEF Factory Frolic
@ Hethel, 18th October 2009
Japanese Esprit Meeting
26th April 2009
Club Lotus Track Day
Castle Combe , 23rd May 2009
Lotus 60th Anniversary
14th September 2008
Donington 2009
18-19th April 2009
donington 08 Donington 2008
29-30th March 2008
LEW Oxford Meet
29th June 2008
Lotus '40 years of Production' Day
23rd September 2007
Club Lotus Parts Fair @ Stoneleigh
4th November 2007
Supercar Sunday 2007
17th June 2007

Nick Whale's Esprit Day
22nd July 2007

Donington 2007
18-19th March 2007
LEW Oxford Meet
13th May 2007
Club Lotus Parts Fair @ Stoneleigh
12th November 2006
Cannonball 8000
Cornwell to Budapest 2005
SWLC Open Day
30th September 2006
LEF Factory Day
@ Hethel, 9th October 2006
LEW Oxford Meet
23rd April 2006

Paul Matty's Esprit Day
22nd July 2006

Club Lotus Parts Fair @ Stoneleigh
13th November 2005
Donington 2006
18-19th March 2006
LEW Power Day
@ Hangar 111, Ipswich, Norfolk
LEW/Yahoo! Meet @ Oxford
21st August 2005
Esprit vs Vulcan
Wellesbourne Wings & Wheels, 19th June 2005
Esprit Driver Training
24th July 2005
Donington 2005
19-20th March 2005
Club Lotus Track Day
Castle Combe , 29th May 2005
LEW/Yahoo! Meet @ Oxford
26th September 2004
Club Lotus Parts Fair @ Stoneleigh
21st November 2004
Supercar Sunday 2004
20th June 2004
Stelvio 2004
13th September 2004
Club Lotus Track Day
Castle Combe , 29th May 2004
LEW/Yahoo! Meet @ Oxford
2nd May 2004
LEW/Yahoo! Meet@ACE CAFE
25th February 2004
Donington 2004
27-28th March 2004
Lotus Esprit World's Tour
End of Production Celebration
LEW's Invited to Hethel Event
Lotus Esprit World, February 2004
Clacton Hoon!
1st February 2004

LEW/Yahoo! Meet @ Brighton
8th November 2003

Esprit TV Documentary
23rd November 2003
LEW/Yahoo! Meet @ Oxford
5th October 2003
Club Lotus Parts Fair @ Stoneleigh
16th November 2003
Buntingford Classic Event
Buntingford High Street, 6th September 2003
LEW/Yahoo! Meet @ Alton Towers
20th September 2003
LEW Meeting
Silverstone Race Circuit, 24th August 2003
(Warning, Large Page)
Action Day 2003
Castle Combe 30th August 2003
Stoneleigh , 15th June 2003
(Warning, Large Page)
Thoroughbred Grand Prix
Donington Park, 9th-10th August 2003
Aston Martin Owner Club
Mallory Park, 3rd May 2003
Piston Fest 2003
Stratford upon Avon, 28-29th June 2003
UK Yahoo! Meet
13th April 2003
Club Lotus Track Day
Castle Combe , 24th May 2003
(Warning, Large Page)
UK Esprit GT1(less) Meet
8th December 2002
Donington 2003
8-9th March 2003
Lotus Esprit World's Tour
Lotus Factory Open Day
14th September 2002
British Race Festival
Zaandfort – Holland, 6th Oct 2002
British GT Championship
Brands Hatch, 1st April 2002
British GT Championship
Castle Combe , 23rd June 2002
Donington 2002
Lotus Esprit World's Tour
British GT Championship
Silverstone, 3rd June 2002
Stanton St John Meeting
3rd March 2002
Castle Combe 2002
Club Lotus Track Day
Donington 2001
March 10th - 11th

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