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Nick Whales Sportscars
• 492 Birmingham Road, Marlbrook, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 0HS • Tel: 0121 445 3020 • www.nickwhale.com
Factory Visit 22nd July 2007

The Lotus Esprit World visited Nick Whale SportsCars ("NWSC") as part of their Esprit Day in July of 2006 organised by NMEG. NWSC's is located Bromsgrove just outside Birmingham and is very easy to get to. Just off the M40. With NMEG expecting around 20 Esprits for the day, there was two pre-meeting's at service stations in the area. First meet was at Hilton Park at 9.30am, with about 6 Esprits meeting up.


Leaving there at 10.00am we made our way on to the M5 to pick up members from Frankley Services. We ended up with a good selection of Esprits, from Mat's ever present S2 to Dave's Sport 350. We also had Punky there with his Esprit, which now has a Jaguar V6 in it! Plenty wanted to see it! Read more about it here.


With 20 Esprits turning heads as we leave the services, its a quick blast to the Dealership which is on the A38 in Bromsgrove. We arrived about 11.00am and start the process of getting 20 Esprit on the forecourt.


With spaced cleared for our arrive, parking up was done fairly quickly. This is the most Esprits Nick Whale have probably ever had on the forecourt. You won't see any main dealers with this many Esprit on the property unless we're paying a visit.


Once inside Nick Whales, there was food and drinks laid on for hungry Esprit owners. Also the Chance to check out the dealership, with Elise, Exige and Europa's inside. The also deal in Non-Lotus, so there was a few Porsches about, Jags and Audi's. If you like that type of thing!


More importantly it was a chance to check out their facilities and what they can offer Esprit owners. As a Lotus Dealer, they have all the kit needed to work on Esprits. They also can supply all the parts through the dealer network.


Best of all, we were given 3 ramps and a mechanic to play with. Obviously no major work could be done, but around six Esprits made it up in the air and were given a looking over by Paul. Torch in hand, he advised owners of anything needing doing. A few nuts were tighten here and there as well.


A few problems were found with mostly small oil leaks, the odd driveshaft seal. BigSi was there and found a few things to do on his project. You can read all about it on the LEF here.


Mat's S2 was up on the ramp and was given almost a clean bill of health. New rear tyres will be needed though! Pretty good for a car that's 28 years old! LEW left the NMEG meet as they were leaving Nick Whales and heading off towards Telford for a bit of a hoon and finishing up at a pub for a chat.

LEW's Verdict

We had quite a day at Nick Whales. It's good to visit the dealers, so they are aware of us and our cars. Nick Whales laid on a good day for us and with the chance to inspect our cars, people could even get mucky hands. It was a good turn out for the day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Another quality Esprit day out!

Thanks to NMEG for organising the day and getting Nick Whales on side.

Talk to Ian Garratt at Nick Whale for service and parts discounts

• 492 Birmingham Road, Marlbrook, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 0HS • Tel: 0121 445 3020 • www.nickwhale.com

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