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Official Calendar 2007
Our Esprit Stars from the LEW Calendar

LEW going to bring you the wonderful Esprits that have featured in our Official Calendar since 2004. That's over 10 years of beautiful pictures of our favourite supercar. It's been a ride!

As you'll see at we go though the years. This is December's from the previous year, giving you 13 months and a seamless switch over for your Esprit calendar each year.

January 2007
Esprit S2 JPS taken from what looks like a bedroom window. Imagine waking up each morning to see this parked outside, dream land, although we don't sugguest you park a beauty like this on the street over night without at least two arm guards.

February 2007
Beautiful British Racing Green Esprit SE from Europe. True Classic.

March 2007
This was our Turbo Esprit and this pic was taken after some raditor work at SWLC. Bough the shipped off to the other side of the world.

April 2007
Esprit V8 in an uncommon colour.

May 2007
Esprit GT3 (with a wing) by the Beach

June 2007
Esprit S2 from the US (we think).

July 2007
Looks like a Bond S1, but on closer expection it's an S3.

August 2007
Karl Sherratt's Highly modded GT3. He's owners page is worth a look.

September 2007
For Your Eyes Only car from the Bond movie. Check out the number plate.

October 2007
Another Esprit S2. Great pic and check those wheels.

November 2007
A soft spot here for the Esprit SE High-wing.

Decmeber 2007
The backdrop almost matches the beauty of this Esprit V8.

Please note that not all information is 100% accurate, as we're doing a lot from memory.
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