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Sport 350 Register

run by Rob C

The Esprit Sport 350 Register has been set up to try and track down the 54 Sport 350 that where made by Lotus from 1999 to 2001. Each 350 has a numbered plaque, which makes keeping the register much easier. The register can be used by owners to exchange information and keep in touch with other 350 owners.

This page has been set up to promote the register and try and help track down the owners of the remaining cars not on the register. It was originally set up by Rob C in 2003 as a mailing list. Rob owns one of the two white 350 and is a big Esprit fan.

So if you own a Sport 350, please join the group. You don't have to be an active member (although it should make your ownership much easier and more enjoyable), we just would like to know where you are and what number your 350 is.

Our new forum at www.sport350.co.uk is really taking off. Email is info@sport350.co.uk

Official Numbers from Lotus
42 cars left the production line as official Sport 350's. These included 6 directors cars, with 2 being black and 1 ice blue. 8 US spec Sport 350's were also made, taking the total to 50. There was also 4 UK spec cars sent to Japan for track use only. Which brings the total up to 54 Sport 350.


Register Count so far....
At this time there are 22 members on the list. 22 members..19 active... 4 in the USA... 2+1  in Europe and 14  in the UK.

We know there was 7 Silver Sport 350's imported into Japan.
There were are two White cars (no. 26, no. 20) and four Ex Factory cars..  three Black (no. 41, no. 43) and one Ice Blue (no. 18).

All the Rest are Silver, with or with out Logo's

So if you have a Sport 350 why not join the Group.

If you have any more information email admin@lotusepsritworld.com

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