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Rob C's 2000

Chairman Sport 350 Owners Club

Rob C from South Wales, UK, owns a 2000 Sport 350 in White/Black stripe, with a Black, Blue & Carbon Fibre interior.


Sport 350
Year: 2000
Colour: White with a black stripe
Interior: Black/Blue/Carbon Fibre
Driving Style: Road.legal/Track/Airfield/Sprinting/Speed testing
Miles per year: < 4,000
Owned Since: June 2001
Purchase from: Peter Smiths " Derby"
Serviced at: WilliamsAutomobiles
Other Cars: Merc C class Coupe Evo Blown 163BHP dam quick very smooth and Quiet, full loaded., Mini 1400cc " K"series
Previous Lotus': 97P V8SE /97 Elise/V8 Elite Monster
Why an Esprit: Its Dam Good


Problems: Wiper mech worn Spline, Engine Liner Seal leak repaired at Factory July 03.
Info: Auto Spark mods


Much work has been done on this Sport 350 in an attempt to get it up to 200mph and 500 bhp. Read more about it here.


Having owned my big Toy for nearly Five years now....its been some Experience.. several Track days..one brilliant Airfield day...a Factory Sprint (3rd place)..and when in road trim with just Pipes..K & N's ...The ECU has now been modified ....starting now slowly and surely my Project Sport 500 will be created... Twin.. Inter-coolers.. / Hybrid Turbo's. / HKS ssbov / Forged Pistons / ARPHead Studs / Boost Controller etc.....and lots of minor bits... ...WHY because I Can......!!!



This is my 4th Lotus and by far the best, I'm 57 going bald still having plenty of fun, enjoy motor sport and track days, retired now, ex-electrical & Auto/Elect trade. from South wales.

Using a Video Camera's in the last 3 -V8 powered Lotus car's I've always had a problem not being sure if the Picture and Zoom settings suited the conditions the Camera was capturing. Now with a Tv Monitor fitted (middle picture above) the passenger is able to control the Camera by Remote Control the Data to Capture the Action on the Road/Race Track. required, on/off & zoom in/out,and the Picture Angle can be reset.

My Previous Lotus'
1. ownered for 14yrs and built the car, 1974 Silver lotus Elite 4ltr V8 (Rover), jag diff, all new rear suspension, new chassis, Heavily modified, 160 +mph, spent £10,000 to build it.

2. New lotus Elise, 1997 Green (9months) loved the car, not fast enough & two small.

3. Lotus Esprit V8, 1997 Norfolk Mustard from 98 to 2001, superb, but poor brakes.

4. Sport 350 in White, what can you say, just fabulous, stops any where, any time, hard as you like, track fantastic.

Current Mini Project


So far I've owned some 40 plus Mini's in the last 30 odd years having had all there was to offer up until 1978. This Includes two Cooper "S"'s. I've always wanted to build a Mini A Wolf's in sheeps clothing,This a Sleeper as they call them not as obvious as the 350.

Mini Data.

Rover "K" series 16v 1400cc & 5 Speed Gearbox all alloy-Aprox 120bhp.
Tubilar Exhaust Manifold with twin 40 Delortoe Carbs on the Rover Ecu.
Custom Made Air Box,Fedding Cold from the front of the Grill.
Specailly Designed front Subframe,with Vented 4 Pot Disc's Stainless Lines,Special Drive Shafts.

Body Work
Wheel Arches severly Cut-Out to Fit 13"x 6J Jenson Healey alloys with 175-50 Yoko's.
The Car is Set Up Extreemly Low, and aprox 1500mm Wide, on a lot of Front Negative Camber
(Group 5 WheelArches to be fitted) aprox 110mm ground clearance
Custom front Radiator & fan With Seperate Oil filter System above gearbox
Special Instrument Panel sits 400mm from the windscreen in the Center,just above the Gear Stick.
The Seat Belts/Hand Brake/Gear Shift/metro Gti Seats are all mounted right back in the shell.

So far its taken 18 months to create, and will be Sprint/tracked raced etc, and Road legal.


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