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 The Sale
Lotus Parts – Past & Present
16th – 20th January 2007

15th January 2007 @ Bristol

Lotus Parts Distribution Centre
Units 1-3 Crowley Way
BS11 9YR

Lotus Aftersales had the first day of the parts sale on Monday 15th for LEF members only. This sale was for all models, past and present with over £1 million worth of parts up for grabs, with some parts 99% off! The Sale runs/ran from 15th to 20th January 2007. The first day was open for LEF members only, so they got first bite at a very ripe cherry. The parts list can be seen here!


The Lotus Parts Distribution Centre in Bristol is an old Proton Dealership, with over 100,000 square feet of storeage space for parts. The Sale started at 10am, but a few had arrived as early at 6.15am to grab a few bargains. Coffee was laid on to wake everyone up and the Sale began.


Numbered tickets were given out to avoid queuing and were dealt with in order. The Tickets started at 48! LEW turned up at 9.50am after a few traffic delays and got number 89! There were Sale lists laid out, order forms to fill in and parts manual to make sure you know what you were ordering.

As each number was called out, you would go to point A to check availability. Once all the parts were checked and priced, you moved on to the point B. Here you would order the parts and they would then be picked out from the stores. Once you're order was ready, your number would be called out at point C. You would then pay and go and collect your parts from the rear of the building or sent to your local Lotus Dealer.


This process would have work wonderfully, but for the amount of people and parts they were ordering. Our 89 wasn't called until around 3pm and we got our parts around 5pm, so it was a long wait. But in the company of many Esprit friends and a massive discount on our parts, it wasn't the end of the world. We chatted to plenty of forum members with long list of parts and a with few Esprits in the carpark, you can guess that lots of parts were being ordered and taken home. Great for owners and good for Lotus!

Lotus Parts Stores

Three tours of the parts stores were laid on by Lotus to show how the parts are stored and distributed. We got a guided tour by ASO Manager Neil Lovelock, giving us an insight into how everything works and get a look at all the parts from every Esprit, all piled up! Supermarket Sweep anyone!


Parts come in from the factory and suppliers and go out to dealers from the rear of the facility. There's a packing department for bagging up all those little nuts and bolts you order. Everything goes into the system to keep everything running smoothly.


There's plenty of packaging about for the 5,000 parts that leave for dealers daily!


Everythings under this roof! Lots and lots of tyres! Which lotus do a lot of business in. Unfortunately not Esprit tyres, as these are still expensive as Lotus can only buy in at 10 a time. Elise tyres are flying out!


Chassis, cranks and gearboxes are all in boxes waiting to be picked.


Pipes, body parts and break disc all piled up!


Windscreens, exhasts and springs!


More chassis, heads and more tyres!


As for the smaller parts, there's rows and rows and rows of them! Everything you could ever want! Now where's my trolley.

If there's anything left after the event, you'll be able to order from the Aftersales area of Lotus's website for delivery to yor nearest dealer.

You can email an order to acoughlan@lotuscars.co.uk which will be dealt with once the sale starts and after. You'll also need to nominate your nearest Lotus dealer

March 2007

Lotus Sale - Parts & Price list
Updated from the Bristol Sale
Email Aidan at the factory (acoughlan@lotuscars.co.uk) if you want any of the bits left from the sale. Read more about the sale here.

Right-Click here to download Excel file

Esprit Parts Stocklist
Also, as a special treat below is a list of all the parts that Lotus have in stock for the Esprits. This is pretty much a full stock list bar a few parts which are also used for other Lotus cars (eg the Excel etc) but it's mostly complete. Over 6,800 SKU's and 1.5m items. No more will we say 'I didn't know Lotus had one of those' !!!

Right-Click here to download Excel file

Lotus Sale - Parts & Price list Update
More parts for sale from Lotus in July 2007
Email Aidan at the factory (acoughlan@lotuscars.co.uk) if you want any of the bits left from the sale.

Right-Click here to download Excel file

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