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Official Calendar 2004
Our Esprit Stars from the LEW Calendar

LEW going to bring you the wonderful Esprits that have featured in our Official Calendar since 2004. That's over 10 years of beautiful pictures of our favourite supercar. It's been a ride!

This is the first ever Esprit Calendar picture from December 2003. We decided to make our calendar 13 months, so each calendar starts at December, so you can get it on your wall or at your desktop a full month before the turn of the year. Each new calendar can semlessly replace the previous years, as the image is the same as the current years december. So our first calendar was for 2004, but you got December 2003 as a bonus and this Orange GT3 owned by Mark Britten was the first Esprit.

January 2004
Turbo Esprit owned by a local guy call Jon Packham. We actually spend a little bit of time with this Esprit and took the pictures ourselves of a day out to take the shots for the calendar.

February 2004
GT1 picture from the ill-fated series where the Esprit is most remember to turning into a ball of flames.

March 2004
Esprit V8 shot infront of a Jet. Delta Jets / Ava Photographic 07748 764993

April 2004
We also knew this car and it's owner Mark Blanchard, who also was very active in the online Esprit world.

May 2004
No info from back in 2004 on this Sport 350. Was great to get both this and the Sport 300 in the first calendar.

June 2004
Great picture of this Esprit S4. Think it was taken in Scotland, but not sure.

July 2004
This SE was Owned by Alan Rae and we also knew the History of this car, as we looked at buying it before purchasing our Black high-wing.

August 2004
This isn't the greatest picture of a Sport 300, but back in 2004 it was hard to get a good picture and we really wanted the 300 in the calendar with the 350. It was Owned by Russell Mills and we also had history with this car, as a friend of the site looked very closely into purchasing it from Russell.

September 2004
More history with Esprits in the first calendars. This Esprit NA Owned by Howard Bartrop was also know well be us and we'd met and spoken with Howard on many occassions. Howard is acutally a photographer, so it was great to get such a great pic of his Esprit for the Calendar.

October 2004
Yet more history. We took this picture at a race meeting some of the Esprit Group attended to watch an Esprit racing that was know to us. As you can see we had a few Esprits at the event and we lined them up in the background for a special shot. This beautiful Esprit S4s was owned by Adam Gumbiner, who was quite a character in the early days of the Esprits online group.

November 2004
Well we couldn't have the first calendar without having a shot of our own Esprit in it. Not a particularly great picture of our Esprit, taken on the same day and outing as Jon Packham's Turbo Esprit picture from January.. Again we took this picture and it's probably the poorest shot of all we took and it's of our own car. How did that happen?

Decmeber 2004
With yet more history, you can tell the first year of the calendar was a true hands on product, as bit like the Esprit. Hand built by us! This S2 was owned by another owner we knew well and was a member of the online community for a long time. Peter Gentilli owned this Esprit S2 for a long time and we wouldn't be surprised if he still did.

This images are a little low quality on this shots and we are currently looking for some higher quality versions.
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