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Unoffical Johannesburg
Esprit Club

Current list of Esprit Owners in Johannesburg, South Africa

Michael - Red S3 N/A
Andre - Silver/Gold Turbo 82
James - Blue Turbo 83
Nick - White Turbo 88 (Stevens)
Carel - Red Turbo 83
Thomas - Red Turbo 83
George - White Turbo 85
Maurice - Red Turbo 83
Colin - Silver Turbo 83
Claus - Red Turbo 83
Trevor - Red Turbo 83
Neil - White Turbo 84
Richard - Red Turbo 88 (Stevens)
Mark - Pearl 90 SE (Stevens)
Mathew - Ice blue Turbo 83

Before there is a lynch mob out to get me from the Lotus club in SA. The "official" Lotus club in South Africa is at http://www.lotusregister.co.za
I belong, as do most of the other Esprit members, although we tend to get out more often than the monthly run with the 7s. There is an "Unofficial" Esprit Club which causes Nick to be heavily fined at the Noggins held with the Lotus Register (all in good fun), of which Nick is the "honorary president".
My website is merely there as a fellow enthusiast owner/record keeper. Not that there's anything fundamentally wrong with your site, but I'd prefer it changed before I have to buy large quantities of rounds in the pub at the next Noggin meeting of the Lotus Register !!

James Philip


Nick Young's 88, Neil Smyth's 85 (white) & Colin's 85 (grey) -
a beautiful morning for breakfast and three gleaming Esprit's in the parking lot.


These are shots taken on the trip to the Botanical Gardens on the R28,
a great long straight piece of highway between Krugersdorp and Pretoria.
Sundays have a large number of Superbikes and
Supercars out for a run on this stretch of road.

A 1988 Steven's Esprit (belonging to Nick Young) on a run in South Africa,
photographed from a 1983 Giugario Esprit (belonging to James Philip)

Couple of "G" Esprits at Kyalami Skidpan.
(Next to the famous Kyalami Racing circuit)

James Philip's 1983 Turbo Esprit



Unoffical Johannesburg Esprit Club Website

The "official" Lotus club in South Africa is at http://www.lotusregister.co.za


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