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ECU Performance Chips
for 4-Cylinder GM Fuel-Injection Esprits

The Esprit's ECU (Engine Management) controls the cars performance, running it's programme to decide how much fuel and air should be burnt and what boost should be allowed. It also monitors how the Esprit is running to make it's decisions, taking readings from the manifold, throttle position, coolant temperature, oxygen sensor, among others. The ECU also learns how the Esprit is running and can change it's settings depending on different aspects. This whole subject could have a whole website devoted to it, so we'll leave it there, as we're more interested in improving performance.

The standard chip programmed by Lotus has it's setting governed by many aspects, but once it's left the factory, you can change these to help increase performance and general driveability. Below is a list of performance chip available for different models. All must be GM Fuel injection. Each chip is numbered and has a short explanation of what changes have been made over the stock chip. All have safety measures built in to reduce the chance of any damage occuring. Please read this article before considering whether to increase your engines power. Prices are also given along with a Special Offer for Lotus Esprit World users. So have a look and see what performance could be added to your Esprit.

Remember increasing performance in any situation will cause more wear. Especially if not treated carefully, so please look after your Esprit and if you're running a high-performance chip you'll need to make sure you respect the extra power. The addition of a boost gauage (see below) is recommonded for those running over chip #3. As parts wearing could cause excess boost, damaging the engine. If you're Esprit is in good condition you'll find no problems running a high-performance chip.

Engines Running a Performance Chip
With the extra fuelling some of these chips run to increase performance, some unburnt fuel can end up in the oil. This reduce the oil's performance in protecting your engine. If you're running a chip we advise, as Lotus do, changing the oil at least every 3,000 miles to reduce the risk of wear on your engine parts.

See the Chips Reviewed here

New Version 2.0 chip #3, #4 and #5 available

I´m glad to announce that the new Version 2.0 for the most common 4- Cylinder chips are available now. The main difference between the old and the new ones is the high boost management. The new ones do have a much better (more effective) boost spike supression along some other changes, of course. The overall performance is smoother and max. HP is the same.

For all of you who already have an old version chip 3#, #4 or #5 there is a low price upgrade (you will get a new chip) available. If you are interested please contact me.

Marcus (www.PUKesprit.de)

PS: Those of you who have purchased the chip from a different source don´t panic just tell me where you bought it and what checksum your chip has written on its sticker. You can get the upgrade either from where you bought it the first time or (if he is not present) just directly from me.

Chips Available

4-Cylinder Models SE/S4/S4s/S300/X180R/GT3

MemCal Adapter

Chips #0-7 are all available for the 2.2 litre chargecooled engine. Number 0 is the tamest and number 7 is the most aggressive. #10 and #11 is for the 2.0 litre chargecooled GT3 engine.

These are all the available chips for the 2.2 liter engine. Number 0 is the tamest and number 7 is the most aggressive.

Chip #0 to #3 can be used safely on stock engines.

All our chips can be safely used on bone stock engines. They will not do any harm. However if you also carry out some modifications to the engine in order to help engine breathing you will see a greater effect. For example, chip #6 will give around 330-350HP on a 100% healthy stock engine. With the addition of K&N filter, high flow cat and exhaust and bigger secondaries you will get between 350-400HP :o)

For Chip #7 we recommend to carry out some more modifications to the engine in order to help engine breathing and reduce air temperature. For example a big Charge Cooler, BOV, reflowed turbo, high flow cat ....

Chips #10 and #11 are special variants for the 2.0 liter GT3

Each chip comes with a socket, to facilitate any future chip swap.

NOTE : If you are reluctant to destroy your original chip, (i.e. cut all the pins), we can supply, FREE OF CHARGE (simply request it when ordering), a second chip containing the ORIGINAL factory code of your car, allowing you to easily revert back to a completely stock ECU at will, when reselling the car for example, or whatever.

CHIP UPGRADE : If you want to upgrade from one chip to another but don't need/wish to keep your old/previous chip, the new chip can be purchased at a reduced price. See the "Services" section further down this page for details.

MEMCAL ADAPTER : To make it easier to fit your chip into your ECU (no hazardous soldering involved, no need to cut pins...), we can supply an adapter board prefitted with your chip. The board makes it easy to plug/unplug your chip at will. To order your chip fitted to this adpater board, simply select the "Bundle" button of the desired chip.

4cyl. Chip #0. original Lotus S4-code

— will give stock 265/(285*)HP but is more refined compared to the old SE code
— this is a good choice for SE-owners who want to keep stock performance but benefit from the more refined code
* = in overboost mode

4cyl. Chip #1. original Lotus S4s-MK5-code

— will give about 290HP, but still has the 3k-stumble and the well known A/C-on-off-idle-problem
— is suited as a performance upgrade for all SE/S4, gives more power and a bit more torque

4cyl. Chip #2. improved S4s-MK5-code with the 3k stumble reduced

— will also give about 290HP and a little more torque +5% in low and midrange
— gives very good driveability and is a very good and safe performance upgrade for all SE/S4

4cyl. Chip #3. High-Torque-S4s-code

— is based on the improved S4s-Mk5-code but with +18% torque (and similar top end power)
— is a very good choice like the improved S4s but with that additional punch in low and midrange
— New Version 2.0 gives better boost control in higher boost regions conditions

4cyl. Chip #4. High-Performance code 310HP

— is based on the improved S4s MK5 code
— max. boost pressure 1.1 bar
— New Version 2.0 gives better boost control in higher boost regions conditions

4cyl. Chip #5. High-Performance code 330HP (also based on the improved S4s Mk5 code)

— is based on the improved S4s Mk5 code
— max. boost pressure 1.2 bar
— New Version 2.0 gives better boost control in higher boost regions conditions

4cyl. Chip #6. Red-Race-code

— special code based on the S4s-Mk5 code
— max. boost up to 1.25 bar
— raised redline

4cyl. Chip #7. Blue race code

— special code based on the S4s-Mk5 or Sport300
— more radical timing and fuelling than the red one
— max. boost up to 1.25 bar
— raised redline
— Best suited to engines with bigger injectors and/or higher fuel pressure and bigger turbo

4cyl. Chip #10. High-Performance code 280HP for 2.0 litre GT3-engine

— now based on the latest 2.0 litre S4s code
— max. boost pressure 1.1 bar
— greatly improved torque +10% and improved high end power
— for use with stock and slightly Modified 2.0 litre engines

4cyl. Chip #11. High-Performance code for 2.0 litre GT3-engine

— now based on the latest 2.0 litre S4s code
— max. boost pressure 1.25 bar
— greatly improved torque and improved high end power
— for use with (slightly) modified 2.0 litre engines


Code 0-3 can be safely used on stock engines without any harm. Code 4-7 I recommend for engines with some (more or less) upgrades. For example bigger chargecooler, Dump Valve/BOV, high flow exhaust system, cat replacement pipe peformance Air filter ... to make the hard work of the engine easier (reduces intake air heat, exhaust heat and exhaust back pressure)


4cyl. Chip #1 is €135 ($145, £93)
4cyl. Chip #2 is €265 ($283, £183)
4cyl. Chip #3 is €350 ($374, £241)
4cyl. Chip #4 to #7 is €390 ($417, £269)

4cyl. Chip #10 is €390 ($417, £269)
4cyl. Chip #15 is €390 ($417, £269)

Some of the changes the Chip gives you over the standard Lotus Chip

For all S4s based chips: Stock values in brackets

Cooling Fans On: 88.3°C (92)°C
Cooling Fans Off: 85.3°C (87.5)°C
High Boost fuel Cut-Out pressure 1.25 bar (1.24) bar
Engine overheat temp:
   for more safety
105°C (110)°C
Engine overheat reset temp:
   for more safety
100°C (105)°C
ECU Boost Control threshold temp min.:
  eliminates the low-boost-thermostat-problem
71°C (75)°C
ECU Boost Control threshold temp max.:
   for more safety
110°C (115) °C
Overboost RPM trigger:
   for more low down torque
3500rpm (5000) rpm
RPM+TPS overboost wastegate add-on:
 (only comes on when RPM>3500 AND TPS>94%)
10.2% (2.3) %
Off course the other tables: ignition, spark, fuel, idle, boost controller,... and correction tables are also different.

See the Chips Reviewed here

V8 Models V8-SE/V8-GT

see basic install of V8 chips by click the picture above

These two kits are available for the Lotus 3,5 litre TT V8 engine:
Please note that only the post 1998 ECUs support the chip swap. Pre 1998 ECUs are not chipable so far

V8 Chip #1. High Torque upgrade kit

— this is the original Lotus High Torque code like it was first used on the European Sport350 and all current European V8-models
(but unfortunately not on the US-models)
— noticeable improves torque and driveability in low and midrange
— gives you the "correct power" and feeling of your V8-engine
— a must for all USA-Esprit V8-owners
— this upgrade kit includes two EPROM's and two sockets (like shown on the picture below, but without the wastegate valve)

Only makes sense for US Esprit owners, because in Europe we already have the high torque specification installed by factory.

V8 Chip #2. High Performance upgrade kit 350-450HP (adjustable)

— based on the High Torque code, but with more max. boost headroom
— gives more torque and more power in a range between 350-450 HP (@0.85 bar its circa 400HP)
— max. boost is adjustable between 0.75-1.0 bar via wastegate-valve (comes with the kit) I recommend not to exceed 0.85 bar with stock engines !
— this kit is designed for the experienced V8-lover who knows what he can do with their engine and tranny.
— this gives you so much performance that you will never cry for more !
If you have ever driven a Lotus V8 @ 0.85 bar WOT you know what I mean. Its just unbelievable !

V8 Chip #3. True Race upgrade kit 450HP

For all those who are still crying for more I´m currently working on a real V8 race chip setup. This will be very similar to the Lotus-Red-Race-ECM.
Will also give 450 HP and really more torque and more boost in the lower gears. I only recommend this for the very experienced V8 driver with some
upgrades done to the engine.

— K&N filters
— removed cats or high performance metal cats (stock cats may melt away)
— high flow exhaust system

Its very easy to destroy the tranny and the halfshafts within seconds, when driven by some quarter-mile-time-idiot !!!

This true Race version will be available in early summer at a very reasonable price. Only €490,-. You will get two EPROM-chips and two sockets for easy future swap. Of course you can insert back your stock EPROM's for normal driving ;o)

BTW: The USA Lotus-Race-ECM is 2300,- and you have to send back your stock ECM :o(


V8 Chip #1 is €350 ($374, £241)
V8 Chip #2 is €390 ($417, £269)
V8 Chip #3 is 490 (is available !!!!)

My intention was to make the Hi-Torque upgrade available for all US-customers with the following benefits:

— DIY installation with two sockets for easy future chip swap (you do not need to ship away your ECM)
— reasonable price for the upgrade (€340)

The Hi-Torque upgrade I have available is based on the European 2001 model and was compared to the European Sport350 code. There are some little differences. BTW its not the code that LCU has developed. (You can proof that by looking at the checksums !)

See the Chips Reviewed here

Special Offer
for Lotus Esprit World Users

• Free postage in the EU (European Union) •

Special upgrade offer for all customers who already have bought a chip in the past.
Upgrade to any spec is only €98 •

Just mention Lotus Esprit World when you order to take advantage of this Special Offer

Place your order by contact

Marcus Freudhöfer
Peterhofstr. 13
86438 Kissing

Tel: 0049 8233 791335
Fax: 0049 8233 791313
e-mail: freudhoefer@t-online.de

All major credit cards taken



LEW has recently been made aware of the sale of Esprit 'Chips' on Ebay. These are most likely to be either copied or clone chips, being sold without license from the manufacturer. LEW would advise against purchasing 'chips' off Ebay. The ECU chip is a very important part of the Esprit and is not be be taken lightly. Please purchase any Chips from legal vendor, who have spent time and money developing and testing. You will get help and advice before and after purchase and also the opportunity to get upgrade versions for a discounted price. You never know what you'll get otherwise!

More importantly this is taking profit away from the few companies that are still making and developing products for the Esprit. There are far too few of these as it is and reducing any profits they make is likely to have long term effects on the whole Esprit community. It's always tempting when you see something 'cheap', but remember that in the Esprit market, buying cheap normally cost you in the long run.

November 2004

Turbo Gauge Deal

After all the chipping that's been going on, and Esprit owners lust for more power. I've been looking into Boost Gauges and Turbo Timers. Currently V8's, GT3's and Sport 350's don't have a boost gauge. The Esprit models that do, the gauge only goes up to 1 bar, and isn't very accurate. With some of the chips that are available through the site, running up to 1.25 bar of boost, we really do need an accurate boost gauge. Especially with a few sticking wastegate floating around.

I've looked into what's on the market and have found the Blitz DTT DC Turbo Timer (below, also in black) would be just perfect for the Esprit. It's basically designed to let your engine run for a few minutes after the ignition has been turned off, to cool your turbo down. Which is a good idea in itself. It also has a built in Boost gauge among other features (see below).

I think this is a must for anybody running anything over chip #3 as chip #4 and above all increase boost above 1bar. For those owners without any type of gauge, then for safety, I think this product will be worth the money without running a chip.

We'll review the product honestly, as we'll be running it in LEW's Esprit, and won't advise you to buy one if we're not happy with ours, as LEW makes no money from any sales.

See the Turbo Timer Reviewed here


There are two types of turbo timer available from Blitz; the FATT DC and the Dual DC. They come in two parts, a control unit, and a front panel, which means the display is very small and easy to mount.

The Blitz turbo timers are also fully automatic, working out the correct length of time your engine should be left idling to give the turbo bearings time to cool down, based on the way the car has been driven (the engine speed is calculated by measuring the small fluctuations in supply voltage the engine produces as it runs).

The FATT DC features a built in lap timer, in-car temperature display, battery voltage and digital rev-counter. The Dual DC also includes a boost pressure display, peak boost, and over boost warning. Both timers are available in Silver or Black.

Feel free to e-mail me with your opinion on anything above and I can add it to this page. kato@lotusespritworld.com

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