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Dump Valve Installation

I've been considering a Dump Valve for a long time after hearing about MeanMachines version for the Esprit. I decided to take the plunge after hearing good things from other Esprit owners and the fact that it's actually of health benefit for the car, looking after your turbo.

After purchasing a Dump Valve from Meanmachine is was time to try and install it. Here's how I went about it. Believe it or not it's very simple, which is good because I'm not too hot with my hands. Install time is around 20 minutes. Took me 35 minutes which says something about my abilities.

You will need the following:

Dump Valve
Flat-Head Screwdriver
13mm Spanner
Old rag (for any oil deposits)


The kit includes 1 dump valve with pipes attached and 2 sheets of instruction. First unpack the kit and make sure everything's there and you understand the instruction. Next make you way to your Esprit armed with a flat-head screwdriver and a 13mm spanner.


Undo the two bolts holding the chargecooler. These are on rubber mounts and you may need to attack them with two spanners. Once these are undone you'll be able to move the Chargecooler to your left a little, which will enable you to remove the red hose which is to be replaced.


Now use the screwdriver to loosen the jubliee clips either side of the red hose. Loosen these off as far as you can as this will make installing the dump valve a little easier. Once they are loose move them aside and remove the red hose. This should remove very easily, but be careful because there can be a build up of oil inside. Clean any oil off the engine before replacing the red hose with the new hose with the dump valve attached.

Once the hose is one re-align the chargecooler and retighten the bolts. Then make sure the dump valve is position at around 90 degrees before re-aligning and retightening the jubilee clips. The rubber tube coming off the dump valve should run off to the left of the engine (as you look at it from behind the Esprit).


Now to attach the vacum hose. This is a little tricky as it's hard to see. There's a black tube that connects near the inlet manifold at the front of the engine (towards the cockpit). You need to pull this tube off it's connection. Then attach the black hose coming from the T-connector (coming off the dump valve) to the engine. This is a little stiff but will go on. Once this is on, connect the removed black hose to the other end of the white T-connector. You can see this best from inside the Esprit, looking back into the engine. But you can actually do it from there.


Once you have finished, check all connections and clips and replace the engine cover. Time for the Test Drive. You'll hear the dump valve working everytime you engage the clutch while the engine is under load (make sure you warm the Esprit up before give it a good test). You won't miss the Swoooosh! Once you've finished the test drive double check all connections.

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