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Welcome to the second page of Lotus Esprit World's Tour of Club Lotus Show at Donington 2002

Let's pretend we're back at Play School and see if we can spot all the different Esprit Models at the show, can it be done?
Well lets give it a go, and maybe find what really is the rarest Esprit Model, and with me as your guide how can we get it RIGHT!
p.s. Please report all cock-ups to the headmaster

Lets start with the Newest and finish with the hardest

Number 1: Esprit V8 2002

Not much different from the other V8's, lights give it away (note: Sport 350 wheels not standard).

Number 2: Esprit V8-SE

Right, SE/GT's are always difficult as most GT owners add the wing and other options to make it almost impossible to tell the difference,
anybody know of a way of telling them apart?.

Number 3: Esprit V8-GT

SE or GT, I give up.

Number 4: Esprit Sport 350

Didn't even need to use Phil's 350, apparently the black one is the last 350 off the production line and has on 8,000 miles on it. £50k's a bit steep.

Number 5: Esprit V8

Bit tricky this one, I think these are both early V8's, but people keep putting different bits on to keep me quessing.

Number 6: Esprit GT3

Adding a wing doesn't always fool me (well most of the time), seem quite a few GT3's came in Orange 'You know when You've been TANGO'D'.

Number 7: Esprit S4s

S4s or early V8, just count the number of tail pipes, think I've got this one sorted.

Number 8: Esprit S4

Not as many S4 as I'd have thought, personally I love the silver one 'don't tell dermot'.

Number 9: Esprit Sport 300

I thought this might be a toughy, but no somebody brought this mint Yellow Sport 300.

Number 10: Esprit SE high wing

And you thought I'd cheat and use my own, Richard's on the left was for sale here last year.

Number 11: Esprit SE

Green SE's, there was plenty to choose from and I went for the Green. Should make Vince happy.

Number 12: Esprit Turbo HC

Bugger, there might have been one floating around, but did get a definate pic of one.

Number 13: Esprit Turbo

A really early Turbo on the left with non-colour coded bumpers. Only the first few in 87 came like this, more common colourcoded on the right.

Number 14: Esprit NA

NA on the left, now the right, it looks like the one on the right is an NA with an added SE spoiler, next to an SE.
Note the tail pipe on different sides and the lack of glass.

Number 15: Turbo Esprit

They've got Turbo on the side, so I quite happy I've got this one right.

Number 16: Esprit S3

S3's anybody, not so sure about the one on the left, could be a turbo, but there's two on the right so I think I can get away with it.

Number 17: Esprit Essex

Now this isn't fair, I saw an Essex with foreign plates, and even gave the owners wife a Lotus Esprit World card. Think I might have scared them off as when I turned around there'd gone, bugger! (stole this pic of another site)

Number 18: Esprit S2.2

Don't shoot me, but I think this is an S2.2, but I can't remember so I'm winging it a little, help anybody.

Number 19: Esprit JPS

This JPS looked in great condition, saw a couple last year, just the one this year.

Number 20: Esprit S2

Doesn't seem to be an S2 hanging around, but then I'm not sure about the S2.2, It's so difficult to tell.

Number 21: Esprit S1

The Bond Mobile, looks stunning close up, a real classic. I want one now.

There's always a few werid ones

This Esprit has a 2-litre Ford Zetec Engine, up for sale at £5,800.


This Red SE has had a bucket load spent on the engine and is running around 360bhp

18" V8 OZ Wheel with lower suspension, Dermot's only got eyes for the engine.

Not to be out done, Dermot then shows off his new Chargecooler, WHOOOOOOO.

Continue the Tour inside the Exhibition Centre

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