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DONINGTON 2002 'Exhibition Centre'

Welcome to the third page of Lotus Esprit World's Tour of Club Lotus Show at Donington 2002

Time to pay our £7.50 and have a look inside the Exhibition Centre, which includes over 30 Lotus Specialist like Kelvedon Motors, Christopher Neil, Peter Smith Sports Cars and South West Lotus Centre. An AutoJumble with over 25 stalls and most of the Lotus Clubs including the Lotus Drivers Club, Lotus Holland and 750 Motors Club. Also a full programme of talks including 'Classic Lotus Fibreglass Repairs & Paint', 'Track Day Preparation' and 'Buying a Used Lotus for Fun or Investment'.

Before we enter I was apologies for the quality of the photo's a the camera had some trouble lighting the whole centre, so most are a little dark.

Welcome to the Exhibition Centre


An Elise GT1 greets you as you enter the Centre


Not an Elise lover myself, but this car was amazing!


The usual Lotus story, needing a push!


Peter Smith Sports Cars is the first thing you see, with a 2002 Esprit to have a glance over!


Same old V8!


Some cars were for sale others just for show.


Some top quality Esprit's on show!


If you've got the cash, it's yours!


£30k for this Esprit!


These High-wing are a bit common, I saw a right old tatty black one outside!


If I win the lottery, this babies the first thing I'll be buying. A Black Sport 350 with only 8K on the clock!


Only need six numbers, how hard can that be!


OK, how about I sell my soul!


These Lotus bit's everywhere, must be the Lotus Show then!







I can recommend the tickle charger, brilliant piece of kit.



Anyone for a set of S4 17's?



How about a set of Sport 350 wheels with tyres for only £2,400


SE wheel are a little cheaper I think!


Buy a kit and make a Lotus, doesn't quite turn out as good as the one on the left.


Brakes anybody, going once.

Something you don't see very often!


Well lots have seen a Sport 350 from behind then in front!


But 2 together is a rare sight, maybe on a run this year you might see this again, MAYBE!

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