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Lotus Esprit World Movies

Lotus Esprit World, being Macintosh based, uses Quick Time to view and play it's movies. This software is available to download free from charge for both Mac and PC. All movies on Lotus Esprit World are .mov (and now .avi or .mpg) files which will either play through your browser, or can be downloaded to be played on your PC/Mac. To do either of these you'll need Quick Time on your computer.

Movies will eventually be spread throughout the site. Once you have Quicktime you will be able to view the movies through your browser, by simply clicking them. This will open up a window with the movie inside.

The following is a guide to downloading and installing Quick Time on your Computer.

Click here for the download page

You might need this for Quicktime to play some of the movies http://www.divx.com/divx/ It's a free download.

or you could try the divx player (which seems to play all the movies ok, that can be downloaded free for windows users http://www.divx.com/divx/player/download/

Test Movie

Try these little movies to test if you can play the quicktime files or not. click on the pictures below and see if it fires up the software, or asks you to load it.


Lotus Esprit World's Big Picture


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