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April 2004

iBook on it's way!

Lotus Esprit World's new Apple iBook is on it's way from Tiawan and should be with us sometime next week. Hopefully then things can get back to normal!

Club Lotus Esprit World has just enrolled it's 100th member! Have you joined yet?

Full Beam Replacements

As some owners may know (and LEW are included it that), when you need to replace your headlamp (which corrode), you can get a non-lotus side lamp for £36, but the full beam lamps are 'Lotus Only' at about £80 each! Added to the fitting bolts and clips you are looking at £100 a lamp.

Lotus Performance have now come up with a replacement lamp for only £50 a side, which include lamp & adjusters. It uses "Laser Cut" Stainless adapter plates & stainless nuts & bolts. LEW has seen the kit and has had reports from an owner who has fitted this kit. It's been well design and works perfectly (actually better than the Lotus' 25 year old design). Lotus Performance are now looking at doing a version for the side light as well!

Order you kit now!

The link below has managed to get real time updates from the turboesprit yahoo group. You can’t reply to the messages, but it does allow you to search in superquick time and the messages are threaded.


5% Discount for Club LEW members

On Alan Paterson's Stainless Steel Door Sills

Just send send your membership number with your order for 5% off.

Esprit Gear Gate

This is an update on a project that is currently being worked on. Hopefully it will be available for Esprit owners in the future. Just thought I'd wet your appetite!

Tatton Park - Cheshire
Classic Car Spectacular and Giant Cheshire Autojumble – 5 & 6th JUNE 2004

18th Year for the Biggest Classic Car Show in the North West. Over 2,000 classic, vintage and sports cars on display! Over 80 of Britain’s top car club displays including Jaguar, TVR, Lotus, M.G. and many more. Massive 2-day Autojumble selling all kinds of motoring related items. Collectors cars for sale in Classic Car Mart area. General trade stalls, Kiddies rides and Refreshment and Beer tent. A great day out for all the family!!

Open: 9.00am – 5.00pm each day.
Adults £5.00, Children Free. Normal Park Entry charges apply.

LEW/Yahoo! Oxford Meeting

The First LEW/Yahoo! Oxford Meeting this year will be on Sunday 2nd May 2004. Same format as last year. Can anyone wishing to attend, please email Dermot as he is booking the pub lunch for those wishing to eat. If you aren't eating, please email, as we'd like to know numbers.

The Talk House
Wheatley Road,
Stanton St. John
OX33 1EX

LEW still Alive!

Don't think that LEW is taking a break due to the lack of updates. With the iBook replacement not due until another week or so, not much work has been possible on the site. But there's some nice stuff in the pipelines for when things are back to normal. The Freescan Package is on it's way and is looking good. LEW's Esprit has been having new carpets fitted this weekend and also an updated to it's ICE, which is perfect for all Esprits (and won't break the bank!). Other stuff coming is a nice replacement for those 'Lotus only' front lamps, more road tests, more discounts for Club LEW members and much more.

And don't forget its the LEW/Yahoo! Oxford meeting this coming Sunday (2nd May). Should be a good meet. Haven't had conformation of our guest yet, but should be a great day! See you all there!

K&N Air Filters (in Stock!)

Esprit Engineering have K&N air filters for the Esprit at £ 41.50 avaible now. These are the original direct replacement. no cutting required

Esprit TV Documentary

The long-awaited documentary on the Esprit will be shown on the "Men & Motors" channel (GSkyB) on the following dates:

May 15th - 2100 hrs
May 16th - 1600 hrs
May 17th - 2100 hrs
May 18th - 1600 hrs

The video version will include more footage than the TV version - longer stories from all the contributors and footage from the Stoneleigh event which doesn't appear in the TV show.

More iBook Trouble

Lotus Esprit World is being supplied with a brand new ibook by Apple. After three attempts to fix it without success they are replacing it with a better spec model. This replacement will take around 2 weeks, so service will be slightly affected until then.

5% Discount for Club LEW members

On all CustomLotus products featured on:

Just send send your membership number with your order for 5% off.

More iBook Trouble

Lotus Esprit World's Apple iBook is playing up for the fourth time now! Seems LEW might get a new one at last as it's the same problem again. Thanks to S4s owner Jason Smith, LEW now has an Apple iMac, so service will not be as bad as before. Email replys will take a little longer than usual. Please send any larger files to LEW during the mornings Monday – Friday, as LEW is on dial up in the evenings (UK time).

Don't want any emails from Bill Gates fans giving us grief! Apple still rules ;-)

This problem is nothing to do with Golf Computers plc

Clear Lenses for Esprit

Clear lenses for 1994 – 2003 Esprits now available via www.reproglas.com. Not cheap at US$108 + p&p, but when's anything been cheap for the Esprit!

10% Discount for Club LEW members

Professional car cleaning, valeting and detailing
using quality products & giving quality service.

We only use Zymol superior car care products

Tel: 07780 714165    www.GeeFourServices.co.uk

Covering: Leicestershire, Warwickshire & Northamptonshire

Read more here

Esprit Documentary

Lotus Esprit World will be getting a preview copy of the Esprit Documentary in the next week or so. The release of the VHS and DVD has been put back a little, with it most likely to be released in June. LEW will be looking into a special preview night before the Documentary is on general release. More details will follow on both this and the availability of the Documentary for purchase.

Michael Downing

Mike, your email address lotusman24@earthlink.net is bouncing straight back. I have your pictures, but not text for your Owners page. I emailed you on 6th April and again today. Please supply a working email address so I can contact you.

Esprit Monday

The Easter weekend (or at least some of it) was spent replacing the interior carpets on LEW's Esprit. The carpets where in a bad way and looked terrible, so new interior carpets were ordered from the Lotus Trim Department. Costing just over £200, the carpet is lovely and thick and trimmed with magnolia leather. I chose black for my interior to match the body colour and show off the magnolia trim.


Removing the old carpet is a mighty task. Talking to the trim shop while on a visit to Lotus, they informed me the glue used during LEW's Esprits production was a little too strong. I've currently spent around 5 hours removing the old carpet and that's with the help of some thinners! A little more preperation is needed before the new carpets go in, but that shouldn't take too long. A full guide to replacing your interior carpets will follow shortly.

Track Day 2004

LEW will again be at Castle Combe on 29th May 2004 for the Club Lotus Track Day. This is a chance to take your Esprit around the Castle Combe race track with other Lotus's. With a cost of around £50, you get two 15 minute sessions (tbc) and is a perfect introduction to Track Days. You don't have to go on the track to enjoy the day. With around 600 lotus cars attending there's plenty to see and do around Castle Combe.

LEW's Esprit didn't make it out onto the track last year, but since new suspension and brakes have been fitted, you may see lapping the Combe. Spaces are limited, so you'll need to book up with Club Lotus to make sure you get a place, although if you ask nicely, you might get to pay on the day. Last year there was a 99db limit on noise, so make sure your exhaust isn't too loud, as you won't be allow on the track. There is a facility to rent a silencer to reduce the noise, so bring a Credit Card if your unsure.

If you don't know what to expect then take a look at the report from the last two years.

Club Lotus Castle Combe Track Day 2002

Club Lotus Castle Combe Track Day 2003

Hope to see plenty of Esprit owners there!

South Wales Lotus Club

South Wales Lotus Club will be at Castle Combe April 24th in force for the first action day of the year.

FreeScan Package

LEW is putting a Freescan Package together. This will included the following.

FreeScan Software CD (available free online)
ALDL Cable (top quality)
36 pg FreeScan Manual
Free Diagnostic Checks of FreeScan Logs

This package is a must for GM-Injected Esprits (SE, S4, Sport 300, S4s, GT3). If you have a cable, the manual will be available on it's own in both hard copy and pdf format. Prices to be confirmed.

There will be a limited number of packages.

All details will be on LEW in the next week or two.

Club Lotus Esprit World is proud to release details of another discout for it's members. Heritage Trackdays are now offering a £15 discount for any members wishing to book their Esprit on one of their trackdays throughout the year. Read more here or on the Club LEW page.

Click on the Club Logo above to read more details of these discounts. More to follow hopefully!

Sunday 20 June Supercar Sunday

A spectacular display of super cars including Ferraris, Maseratis, Lotus', TVRs, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins. Bring your dreams to reality by taking a sponsored ride in your dream car, with proceeds to the Sporting Bears charity.

Sporting Bears will be running a charity cavelcade, arriving at the Heritage Motor Centre. For more information please view the Sporting Bears web site.

The Heritage Motor Centre is situated in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside, in 63 acres of parkland and lies 12 miles from Shakespeare's Stratford upon Avon and 9 miles from the historic town of Warwick.

The Centre is just two minutes from junction 12 of the M40 and is signposted on the motorway. Birmingham International Airport is just half an hour away, with the nearest railway station being Royal Leamington Spa.

Lotus V8 Sports Exhausts

As most of us have know for a while, there is a problem with the Lotus V8 Sports Exhaust. The trim welding is of very poor quality and eventually comes loose and vibrates, making a horrible sound. With LEW's contacts at Hethel now well established, LEW has brought this problem to the engineering departments attention. This week the suppliers have been called in, all the stock has been quarantined and all components will be reworked. All future build will be to the correct standard.

LEW is currently working with the factory on a few other issue, which hopefully will produce the same positive results.

Gear Gate Taster!

This is the Gear Gate one of LEW's users is working on a present. It's only a protype and hasn't been polished or fixed properly yet. Hopefully this will be available or at least a guide to how to make one. Problem would be that with a cable system, not all gearsticks will have the same movement, so would need to be personalised to work. This is currently being investigated to see what can be done. Looking forward to seeing the finished results.

All a bit 'Basic Instinct' at LEW this weekend!

LEW's Esprit had a bit of work done on it this weekend (3-4 April). PNM supplied some Silver front HiSpec Calipers to replace the gold ones, as I thought they matched the car better. I also fitted some braided hoses to the rear calipers. The front caliper swap caused no problems, the rears however was a different matter! On trying to remove the old hose, the connector (which is 11 years old) decided to snap off!


Luckily Dermot came to the rescue with his old rear calipers, after his brake upgrade. So I now have Dermot's old calipers on my Esprit, the old calipers are fine, just need to remove one broken connector from one caliper! With all four calipers having been removed, the bleeding process was painful, especially with frequent rain showers! LEW's Esprit is now back on the road, but with more work planned for next weekend, it won't be on the road too much.

Thanks to Dermot for getting me out of trouble and for a helping hand.

LEW's FreeScan Package

LEW will be producing a FreeScan Package for sale in the next few weeks. This will contain a full contained ALDL cable, FreeScan software, 28 page manual and free logging assessments and online help. These packages are for GM Fuel-Injected Esprits only (Injected Turbos, SE, S4, S4s, GT3) and will help diagnose any running problems via a laptop. See more here about Freescan.

Look out for news of the packages release as numbers will be limited. Manuals will be available at a reduced cost for those who already have cables.

Brake Upgrade Review and Pricing

LEW's brake upgrade from PNM Engineering is finally reviewed and prices for the kit are now available. see Modifications for more! More brake kits are becoming available for the Esprit, but from LEW's knowledge all are aimed at the Brembo equipped Esprits and are nearly treble the price. However they will all fit on post 85 Esprits, but may require 17" front wheels and sourcing of Brembo calipers front and rear (or paying for new calipers). An article on all available brake upgrades will be available sometime in 2004!

Club Lotus Esprit World is proud to release details of it's first, of what it hopes to be many, discounts for members. Full members can now not only get 15% of their insurance with ClassicLine, but now a minimum of 5% of new Lotus parts, plus more off second hand parts with SWLC and 3% off tyres when using www.mytyres.co.uk

Click on the Club Logo above to read more details of these discounts. More to follow hopefully!

LEW stuff coming soon

LEW's guide to fitting an Oil Catch Tank. Carpet removal and fitting guide. Bleeding the Delco brake system. Freescan Packages. S1 vs V8 '03. Cruise Control, Ferrari style gear gate. Aftermarket Exhausts. Gearbox updates. Stereo installs. More owners pages, More meetings, More Esprits. All coming in 2004 plus much, much more!

UK Yahoo! Meet

The LEW/Yahoo! Group Meeting in Oxford will be held at the public house car park below on Sunday 2nd May 2004. Please arrive around 10am. We will look to set out on our route at around 11.00-11.30am. Sunday lunch (£11 last year) will be arrange at the Talk House once we return. Still trying to get a special guest to come down to see us. More news on that as we have it. For a better idea of what happens at our Oxford meeting click on the links below.

The Talk House Public House
Middle Road
Stanton St John

Oxford Meet October 2003
Oxford Meet April 2003
Oxford Meet March 2002

iBook's BACK!

Lotus Esprit World's Apple iBook is back, so the site should be running as usual with a week or so. Bit of a back log to get rid of!

News from March 2004

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