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'Exhibition Centre'

Welcome to the Second page of Lotus Esprit World's Tour of Club Lotus Show at Donington 2004


Inside the show, which was £7.50 to get in, was the usual array of Lotus stuff that appears every year. The usual suspects where all there, including South West Lotus Centre, Christopher Neil, Chris Foulds, Paul Matty & Powerstop.


There were plenty of parts on offer to take your fancy, but most of it was at the same price as you could get any day of the week, so not as tempting as if could be. South West Lotus Centre, as always, had the best array of parts for sale, including both new and used.


Adrian Mugridge's orange GT3 was on the SELOC stand. Little did we know that he'd already traded it in for a Sport 350, which was delivered not two days after the show! SELOC were handing out Orange Tango drinks, which was a first for the show, food and drink are normally way over priced!


There were a few Esprits for sale inside the show. The Ex-King of Jordan's Esprit was there as always, but this year it sold at the show. A guy paid a £500 deposit and bought it for £23,000. Lucky man!


Plenty of historic Lotus's this year. Not really LEW's thing (as they aren't Esprits), but nice to look at and great that someone is taking care of these old cars!


Paul Matty's Esprit Attacked


Saddest thing at the show was the news that Paul Matty's beautiful Lotus Esprit Celebration car, with only 264 miles on the clock was vandalised while in the show on Saturday. Someone with either a key or screwdriver, scratch a line all down one side. Unbelievable! How someone could do this to a car that's been kept in such wonderful condition for all these years.

Obviously someone who needs help and shouldn't be anywhere near a Lotus show!

LEW Boys Gatecrash!


LEW boys 'Curly' Jon Packham and Karl 'modder' Sherratt got their Esprits into the show on Sunday. Jon used a LEW calendar to show how special his Esprit is and Karl turn on his neon light to show off! 

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