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Tony Caesari's 1984

Tony Caesari from London, UK owns a 1984 Turbo Esprit in Essex blue with Red leather interior.


Turbo Esprit
Essex Blue
Red Full Leather
Driving Style:
Miles per year:
1,000 - 2,000
Owned Since:
November 1984 (new car) single owner
Purchase from:
Peter Smith
Serviced at:
By self for general work +SJ Sportscars for major surgery
Other Cars:

1999 Elise 111S S1, 2003 Lexus IS200, 1996 Fiat Punto
Previous Lotus':
1978 Esprit S1, 1975 Europa Special, 1972 Europa Twin Cam.
Why an Esprit:
One of the 1st supercars of it's day and the best turbo installation of the time and for some years after. Also could see off Ferrari, Porsche and Cosworth Sierra on the straights and curves.
Car is standard and and has had a quick shifter gear linkage fitted as part of major service by SJ Sportscars. The bonnet was changed in 1987 due to an imperfection in the moulding (sink mark in fibreglass) resulting in a later version bonnet being fitted by the Lotus factory service centre in Hethel. For those in the know, the bonnet has 2 vents for the heater inlet as standard with the later HC Esprits, instead of the usual 5 vents on earlier cars.
Only major work required in year 2000 to sort out usual exhaust manifold corrosion. Engine out and all seals, gaskets and clutch assembly replaced and put together like new by SJ Sportscars in Exeter .Well worth the trip to the west country as they are supreme in maintaining the Esprit mark.

Car is immaculate and has original Essex blue paintwork and interior trim. Have sourced a set of brand new original wheels and tyres in late 1999 with correct NCT Goodyear rubber (see photo). Now fitted, the car looks like new and sits at the correct ride height. The milage is 63,000, it runs well on super unleaded (Shell Optimax) and uses arond 1 litre of oil/1500 miles. No oil leaks, no smoke and still good for a standing 1/4 mile in 15 seconds. The car is also one of the 1st examples to have removable glass roof and ABS closure panels removed from the A post and gutter mouldings. I have retained the original black bumpers to match boot black louvers and was not tempted to repaint them in body coordinated colour as was fasionable in mid 80s.


Lotus Elise
I have owned this car from new for 5 years. Titanium metallic paintwork with red leather trim and interior. 1.8 VVC Engine modified to 160 BHP, Raised rear spoiler, suspension has stiffer dampers, but with standard ride height maintained for London speed humps.  Fitted wider front 195x45/15 and rear 245x45/16 tyres to fill wheel arches + provides amaziing grip. Removable hard top and rear window provides extreme strip down in seconds for open top motoring experience. Best of both worlds, but can't match my Esprit on an straight line drag from 60-120 mph.


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