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Steven Burridge's 1994

Steven Burridge from Perth, Western Australia owns a 1994 S4 in White, with a black/blue leather interior.


Driving Style:
Very Fast
Miles per year: 10, 000+
Owned Since:
February 2002
Purchase from:
Serviced at:
Local Lotus Dealer
Other Cars:
Nissan Patrol 4x4, Kia
Why an Esprit:
Rare, Fast and keeps me young (feeling)
Upgrades: BOV, Muffler twin system, interior total retrimed, turbo timer, shift light, Nitrous oxide injection, electric charge cooler pump, braided clutch cable, new fuel tank breather pipes, new tyres, boost controller (1bar lift), K&N air filter, wheels repainted, mazda 121 spolier fitted to under rear bumper set up for twin system fitting, ram air conversion, rebuilt gearbox 2nd gear issue, gear box redline oil up grade,
Gear box (my fault)
See Below

Steve with the (EX) Nos lotus upgraded to the V8 the insurance company wrote of the white S4 (which was then purchased by the panel beater) so it is getting repainted and will appear again soon. I have only just got the V8 so mods are light on at the moment, but this V8 flys I am not sure if it needs any more! a 4 stage boost controller allows me to dial up power so easy its frighting - some of the pics are from a martial art magazine spread which was run over here in Oz i will send you a copy later. I will forward more details of the crash etc later.


Exterior shots: notice the 121 boot lid spoiler when I had the high flow exhausted fitted it left a large space so now my car has bits of Toyota and Mazda on it!


The car has been to the official 1/4 mile drag strip here in Perth (motoplex) running a 12.5 sec 1/4 mile at 180 ks (110mph?) which was my best time (not the cars) I found that I shift gears to early and generally wasn't that good off the start.


However I recorded 4 wins with 4 runs smashing sti Subaru (two of them both worked) Nissan 180 Turbo import) and a Mitsubishi Turbo import 4x4 thing. Running Nos added approx 100 horsepower on the dnyo and gives the kick the car needs against all these Asian monster imports (still king of the hill).


The Nos (Nitrous Oxide Injection) was easy and has had no negative effect on the engine the car loves it. The big issue is all the horse power actually hits the floor and the car fly's. Most of the competition generally run hugh horse power compared to me but its lost in the weight and wheel spin which leaves me saying see ya.

I generally don't use Nos unless its complete necessary the car with its upgrades is very quick. But as you know they are hard to leave alone. I love messing around with it (even if it does cost a small fortune).


Interior shots: full leather re-trim plus carpets hood lining everything came out.

Nitrous Oxide Injection


In the cabin we have a arming switch and then a miro switch is located at the foot pedal as you floor the pedal ----- Hang on to your arse!



This is where they fitted the entry point.


Nos is not yet approved by our beloved police dept on public roads, so I had to have a custom cover made so to the untrained eye it all looks stock.



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