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's 2000

Jon Rotheram from North West, UK, owns a 2000 V8 in Orange, with a Stripped interior.


Year: 2000
Colour: Orange
Interior: Stripped
Driving Style: On the Track!
Miles per year: 0 – 1,000
Owned Since: 2005
Purchase from: Private
Serviced at: Service parts from PNM, all work carried out by me!
Other Cars: Banks Europa Racer, Mk2 Elise sport 190, Lotus Excel, Landrover Discovery.
Previous Lotus': Europa, Elise, Excel - still have them too
Why an Esprit: It's a Lotus.
Upgrades: Rose jointed suspension, adjustable dampers,adjustable anti-roll bars, Brakes upgraded to 6 pot fronts 4 pot rears on discs and bells with balance bar pedal box - no servo or abs, revised cooling system, full multipoint rollcage, lightweight body panels, polycarbonate windows, gearbox oil cooler, full length undertray etc... see below
Problems: Nothing yet!
Info: This is the Championship that i'll be entering the car in www.barc.net
Ace Vehicle Deliveries Sports and Saloon Car Championship. Hopefully from mid season onwards after a bit of testing/ further development.

Starting life as a 2000/2001 V8 SE, the car has been stripped down to a completely bare chassis and the majority of the components have been reworked/ upgraded to full racing spec


This includes the following:
Rosejointed Suspension
Adjustable Dampers
Adjustable Anti-roll bars
6 Pot Front Calipers
4 Pot Rear Calipers
AP spec Discs and Bells
Bias Adjustable Pedal Box - Direct replacement for original
Deletion of ABS and Servo Assist
Full Multipoint Rollcage - Increasing torsional rigidity of chassis
Lightweight Body Panels
Gearbox Oil Cooler
Reworked cooling system - Larger Radiator, revised ducting etc
Uprated Wastegate Actuators
Deletion of Catalytic converters
Full length Undertray
Polycarbonate Windows
Interior stripped of non essential items!
Plumbed in Fire Extinguisher system
6 Point Racing Harness
Dunlop Slicks and Wets

There are many more areas that have been addressed and plenty to further develop.The majority of the above has been designed and manufactured by myself.


The car currently weighs 1048kg's with all fluids including 15 litres of Fuel.This is my Europa Racer which has been retired to trackdays. My parents bought this new in 1971, it was the first car that i ever travelled in and is the reason why i have always had the Lotus bug!



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