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Lotus Esprit World Calendar

I had the idea of producing a calendar for Esprit's after purchasing one over the web from the US. When it arrived, I was very disappointed with the quality and pictures. I sent it back and decided I could do better myself. So now I've decide to produce a Lotus Esprit World Official Calendar 2004 and sell it on the site.

I have designed it around the same style as the site, and to my own liking. So at least I will buy one if no one else does. Number of calendars to produce is a bit of a problem. I'm going to do a limited run to make sure I can sell them all. As any unsold will come out of my pocket. If the Calendar is successful, then I will produce one every year, using different pictures. If sales are poor and I ended up with a loss, then I won't be doing them next year.


The Calendar will carry 13 different pictures of varying models of Esprits. I'm also adding a specification for each model, including: production run, years produced, 0-60mph, Top Speed, Engine, BHP, Torque and weight. Also badges of each model will be included for each picture. Each date will have a small section to write on, as this is how I like my Calendars (don't want to forget mums birthday). Also adding some Historic Lotus dates, but things like bank holiday will be left off as this will be a worldwide calendar and they differ from country to country.


The calendar will be A3 portrait (297w x 420h). It will be ring bound and have an A4 sized picture of an Esprit on every page. The cover will be as the picture at the top of this page, with only minor chances. The back cover will have a small picture of all the larger pictures throughout the calendar. This will also carry some detail of the sponsor (which is Esprit related). So remember to mention the Calendar when you call them for parts for advice.


The animated gif below is to show how the final calendar will look and also shows the running order of the calendar. This is how your calendar will look when the postman drops it off. A little larger of course and with more detail, but you'll get the idea!


Due to the limited run of the Calendar, mainly due to the limited run of Esprit's (10,540 up to 2002), prices will be higher that your normal A3 calendars. I have made an effort to make this calendar worth it's price, and have made sure that I would be happy to pay the purchase price for this product.

The cost of the Calendar will be £20 each plus post & packaging. All calendar's will be insured and will have to be signed for. p&p prices are as follows:

Country postage packaging Total Cost
United Kingdom £3 £1 £24
Mainland Europe €9 €1 €39
USA, Canada & Africa US$14 US$1 US$45
Asia & Far East US$16 US$1 US$47

UK delivery will be next day after postage. Mainland Europe will be 3-4 days after postage. USA, Canada & Africa will be 3-5 days after postage and Asia & Far East will be 5-7 days after postage. You will receive an email confirming your Calendar has been posted. I hope to have a quick turn around once your order has been placed, but as this is the first year there maybe some delays if it proves popular.

Remember the Calendar is insured, so don't except it if it's damaged in any way. Reject it and it'll be sent back to me. I will claim for the damage and send you out another asap. If you except damaged goods, there's no come back.


The Calendar is now SOLD OUT

See the Payment page for detailed information

FEED BACK from Customers

Kato (92 SE)
I didn't buy mine, as I make them! I do have some comments on it though! Of course I'm very happy with the way it turned out and the packaging (although I haven't received one through the post). I only things I can see wrong with it, are a couple of pictures aren't as good a quality as I wanted (mainly due to Lotus pulling the plug on using the Official ones). The worst one is the Sport 350, with a couple of others that are perfect if you hold them really close (but you're supposed to hang it on the wall!). The picture of my SE isn't a good as I wanted it. But other than that I'm very very happy with it.

9 out of 10

Mark (88 Turbo)
Thanks very much for the calendars. Superb!! Really good quality pictures, they look better than you made out on your site. Hope they sell well. 10/10. It’s really nicely produced and there are some great shots. I’m very pleased!

10 out of 10

Peter Gentilli (S2)
Great calender! Great pictures! December's car is the nicest but I am bias! Will definately buy the 2005 calender if quality remains the same!!

10 out of 10

Adrian Mudridge (GT3)
Delivery, packaging etc: Excellent. Quality of the thing: Excellent, just like one you would buy in a shop. Pictures: Good, a couple where a bit blurred. Advertising: Piss poor. I really hate the adverts. Okay, it says sponsored by PNM on the front cover, that's acceptable. Even the blurb on the back I can live with. But, the PNM Stuff is on every month as well! I really think that the banner on every page is well over the top, to the point where it spoils the calendar.

8 out of 10 without Ads
4 out of 10 with Ads

Andy Perfect (Ex Owner)
Kato, it is splendid. If it wasn't for the fact that Mandy is superstitious about this kind of stuff it would be on the wall already. Yes, I am jealous again. Must buy Esprit, must buy Esprit, must buy Esprit! Photos are great, quality is good, reminders on dates are cool, really pleased with it. Your car could do with a polish though! ;-)

10 out of 10

Andy Hills (S3)
Nice size and good quality. Page layout is good with a decent sized picture each month. There is plenty of space to write in important dates etc. and all the model logos in the background is a nice touch. A little disappointed with the number of 'G'car pictures though, 2 out of 13 doesn't reflect the ratio of models or production runs. (but then I am biased due to having a 'G'car).

9 out of 10

David Rooms (89 SE)
Very impressed with the overall layout and execution of the calender, however, two or three of the photos (sport 350, SE, LEW) are a little lower quality compared with others. This does NOT detract from the overall product, and look forward to the 2005 edition.

8 out of 10

Tony Argyrou (97 GT3)
Comments: Very impressive some great pics, to hell with my 2002 calender its now January in our house. I think ive fallen in love with the Gold V8

10 out of 10

Reg Goslin
Got mine this morning. You have no need for concern. It is even better than I thought it was, to be honest. Good quality, information on the version with date. Wicked. The stickers and key ring are very good too. I should have bought two!! The package makes the buyer feel they belong to a 'community', if that's the right phrase.

9 out of 10

Richard Cambers (82 Turbo & 93 S4)
Excellent Kato! Well done on a top class product. Well worth paying the extra for all the little goodies that were included, all of which are of a high quality. The LEW.com sticker now sits at the top of my S4 windscreen. I might just put the 'My other car is an Esprit' on my 82 Turbo! :-)

10 out of 10

Alan Croft (White 1989 Turbo)
I think the calendar is excellent. I love it. Having a different Esprit for every month is great. This means I don't have to butcher my supercar calendar anymore having to cut out pages to get to the esprit pic. I am also pleased with the stickers, tax disc holder and Especially the Key Ring. I think the key ring is superb and of very high quality (also quite classy. I used to have a Mercedes one of the same design but I prefer the LEW one)

10.5 out of 10

Rob Tomlinson (1981 Turbo Dry Sump)
Great calendar, only minor point was that one car had a LEW number plate added on the front that was a bit pixelated. Maybe next time just blank out the plates... Happy with mine though! I genuinely hope you sell the lot and the next two re-prints as well. ;-)

9.99 out of 10 (0.01 off for the pixelated number plate)

Bill Rabel (90 SE, BRG)
I received the calendars yesterday. The quality of the calendar is excellent, with the exception of a picture or two that show some pixellation from over-enlargement.

Jason Smith (S4s)
Excelent Calendar, really good pics and usefull dates. Very high quality of finnish. All round very good. Perhaps instead of adverts on every page, a list of usefull phone numbers of all the specialists and suppliers on the back? Chuffed to bits that my car is in it, even if its only in the background! Long time coming but well worth it!!

9.5 out of 10

Mark Sheldon Lloyd (89 Esprit Turbo)
This calendar is superb. I have not seen so many gorgeous photos of the Esprit put together so well. My favourite pictures were of the Esprit turbos and V8 and GT 300. I liked the photo of the Esprit next to the fighter jet. Well done and keep up the good work. The Esprit World site is the best Esprit site since the Esprit Factfile.

Nicholas de Havilland (92 SE)
Excellent, better than many commercially mass produced efforts. Recognise most of the cars so has a very ‘community’ feel to it, a bit like Reader’s Cars ;-) I especially like the subtle addition of historic Esprit related dates – nice touch. And the graphics are very well done too. The overall merchandising certainly has a quality production look and I think LEW will become an Esprit institution in a few years! Great job! Perhaps on next years one there could be pictures of internals, like engine, interiors etc… Perhaps on a theme of customised Esprits from owners around the world - I have seen plenty of modified cars that keep popping up.

8 out of 10

Kazuhiro Mitsui (1994 S4 Limited)
Excelent Calendar! I was always looking for a super car calendar which has a Esprit photograph,but I couldn't find it.Now I finaly got it.Thank you very much about making a such a nice calendar. I promise to buy a next year calendar.

Derrick Oliver (95 S4s)
The calander was abrilliant idea and I love the final product and not just because my car got in as a background vehicle 8-)) I think the orerall quality of the calander is superb with a high print quality and good thickness paper used. Addtional information added to the calander dates are very interesting and a very nice touch. Only minor informational hiccup that must of passed proofing is that I thought the S4s was manufacture year 1995-96 not 96-97, mine is 1995 ? Would have been a 9 but not enough scantily clad beautiful women draped over bonnets.

8 out of 10

Alan Tong (S4s)
Excellent present for any Esprit owner, even if you have to buy it for yourself! Dates / events are a neat touch Some photos - eg July are a bit low res. Of course all owners will now be competing to get you better photos for next year. Perhaps you should publish some advice / specifications (if you have not already). Thanks for the work you put into this!

9 out 10 (lost 0.5 for low res photos & 0.5 cos my car is not in it!)

Carl Stilling (88 Turbo)
Comments: Great calendar and received timeously in perfect condition. TOP MARKS. Might be nice to include list of Lotus repair agents by country for us overseas enthusiasts, or UK agents that supply parts and advice to International customers.

10 out of 10

Craig Whyte (2000 V8-GT )
Thanks for processing my order so quickly. I was very impressed with the calendar and especially the keyrings which are very impressive. Let me also congratulate you on your site which I spend agnes on before finally deciding to buy an Esprit which I pick up tomorrow. It's a nice shiny W reg V8-GT with only 8,500 miles on the clock. I am getting quite excited and probably will not sleep too well tonight.

On the calendar front I had a thought. I work ( in I.T. ) on the trading floor of a large investment bank in the City. I would have loved to have taken one of the calendars to the office, however it would not be deemed appropriate and also my desk is in the area where the TV broadcasts are made. What would be an excellent idea for us office bound guys would be a desk calendar. One of those ones which is free standing on the desk and you flip the page each month.

10 out of 10

T Bath
I got the LEW Calendar today (Sat.) and I am pleased. Good and nice photos – you've done very well. THANK YOU!

John Constantine (Ex S4 owner)
Finally found 5 mins to go and pick the calendar up in between trying to find somewhere to live!! Excellent, I've only looked at it for one evening as it has now been confiscated and is to be used as one of my Christmas presents from my partner. I would have given it a 10, but my car wasn't in it, which I suppose is fair enough!:-) Thanks again for all the effort you've put in to get it done. Oh, and the keyring is great too - they came out nice didn't they?

9.5 out of 10

Elaine Matthews

The other day I ordered your Lotus Esprit World Package 1, and it's here already, I would of got it even sooner (Wednesday), but I didn't collect it from the Post office until just now, I'm well impressed with your excellent service. I ordered it for my husband to be (we marry on 30th Oct) as a little wedding gift. He owns a Turbo Esprit, and will be so pleased as January features one the same colour as his, well apart from his has the gold wheels – and his birthday is January 13th. And just in case you were wondering, yes we are using the T.E as our wedding car, it looks really classy with gold ribbon to match the wheels - and as the bride I know I've been upstaged by the car!! But love it.

Steven Middleton (looking)

Very Happy, my only critism is the pixelation of the Sport 350 i.e blocky sky and that of the Esprit SE again a touch blocky some pictures of the cars at speed would be nice as well as some interior shots but like I say I'm very happy

8 out of 10


If you want to add your comments on this page, please email me at kato@lotusespritworld.com

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