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Concorde Shoot @ Duxford
26th June 2004

The Esprit Forum has booked Duxford for Saturday 26th June 2004 for an Esprit photoshoot with Concorde. A professional photographer will take a picture of your car and Concorde, which will be available at A3 (420mm x 297mm) for a fee of around £85. All profits for the day will be given to charity.

Deposit for a photo slot will be taken shortly. Detail of how to book your place in history will appear here.

More details will follow as the days events are arranged. Also the opportunity to book your photo slot, as spaces will be limited. This is an opportunity not to be missed. With Concorde now out of service and the last Esprit will be long of the production line. Two of Britain's greatest masterpieces together, their like never to be seen again.

Updates on the event will be posted on this page. Other items will be added to the day as they are book and arranaged. Just make sure your free on 26th June.


Guess what Guys - she's still in the Hangar. Not due out until November. I know that you are all thinking, cold, winter, rain, frost (fun!) and generally not that good.

But if their building project is over-running significantly like this, what comes out late will probably be out longer and put back late. So we are possibly going to be into spring before she is put away... Now that's a better prospect.

I'm glad they are running over, I'm on holiday when we were going to be there ;-) The situation as left now is that they will call/email me when they finally get around to wheeling her out of the hangar.

Just to keep you all posted...
Bye for now,
Rob Tomlinson.

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