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V8 Engine Spec
engineering excellence

The Lotus V8 engine is designed for installation in the 175mph Lotus Esprit. The optimised light weight and compact size of the Lotus V8 engine provides a verstaile power unit. Lotus in England carried out the complete engineering program using advanced design analysis techniques and supplier enrolment at the concept stage. This creates a specification built on a broad base of knowledge and experience. Lotus has 50 years history in high performance engine and vehicle design for both Lotus Cars and many major automotive manufacturers.


The Type 918 engine is a 32 valve, 3.5-litre, all Aluminium, 90° V8 and features:

• Front and Mid-engine application
• Designed for low hood lines
Lotus designed Engine Control Unit (ECU)
• Secondary Air Injection
• On Board Diagnostic (OBDII)

Designed as a twin-turbocharged unit, it has Intercooling, Naturally Aspirated and Motorsport options. Its impressive torque curve guarantees maximum overtaking ability and, in the Esprit, a 0-60mph time of under 5 seconds, while achieving all European and Federal emission and diagnostic requirements.

The turbocharged engine is designed to achieve a minimum weight (less than 214kg (dry), including all ancillaries and wiring loom) and to fit within a package size of 580mm (l) x 710mm (b) x 610mm (h).

The design is protected for the application of Lotus' Cylinder De-Activation (CDA) and Cam Profile Switching (CPS) technologies. Other potential variants of the engine include 280bhp naturally aspirated, and 420bhp intercooled versions. By turbocharging and intercooling for motorsport applications, the engine in the Esprit GT1 car produces (with restrictors) over 530bhp. In unrestricted form, the engine has been developed to produce in excess of 600bhp.

After 3 years production exclusively in the Lotus Esprit V8, this engine is now available for other applications to you requirements. We offer:

• Full service support
• Adaptation
• Installation
• Homologation
• Development support
• Warranty
• Spares and Service

including, if required, Technology Transfer and Training.


Lotus Type 918 Engine – Specifications

Bore: 83mm
Stroke: 81mm
Capacity: 3506cc
Weight: 214kg (dry), 227kg (wet)

Maximum Power
Naturally Aspirated: 280bhp @ 6800rpm
Turbocharged: 350bhp @ 6500rpm
Intercooled: 420bhp @ 6400rpm
Motorsport: 536bhp @ 5400rpm

Maximum Torque
Naturally Aspirated: 232lb ft @ 5500rpm
Turbocharged: 295lb ft @ 4320rpm
Intercooled: 347lb ft @ 4100rpm
Motorsport: 536lb ft @ 3600rpm


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