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Esprit Paint Codes
Need to touch up or respray your Esprit. You'll need the right paint!

Lotus allocates a paint code to all its body colours, and generally includes the code either on the V.I.N. label, or a dedicated label nearby. Some colours may also by used by other manufacturers, but many are Lotus specific. The attached pdf lists all colours used to date, and includes the paint suppliers reference number which should be quoted when ordering material from an automotive paintshop.

Download the PDF of the codes from Lotus Cars Ltd here.

A paint code number is stamped in the lower left hand corner of the vehicle identification plate fixed to the wheelarch in the front luggage compartment. This code indentifies the type and colour of paint used in manufacture.

'A' prefix paint codes are used for cars finished in two pack acrylic polyurethane materials, usually ICI P420 (mono colours) or P421 (metallic) type. 'P' prefix paint codes are used for pearlesent paint finishes.

Up to 1992:

Paint Code Colour Manufacturer's Ref No. Lotus Part No. Remarks
A01 Blue Oxford ICI P420113 A076B6060 + Clear
A02 Black ICI P420122 A089B6151V

+ Clear

A03 Silver Diamond ICI P4229167 A076B6067

A04 Gold ICI P4229638 A076B6071
A05 Viper Green ICI P4229289  
A06 Bermuda Blue ICI P4229288 A076B6072
A07 Roman Bronze ICI P4229468 A076B6075
A08 Lotus Bronze ICI P4229756 A076B6076
A09 Martini Green IPJ  
A10 Metallic Black ICI P4229719  
A11 Martini Green ICI P4229890  
A12 Onyx ICI P4229809  
A13 Tabac ICI P4229781 A076B6080
A14 Altair Green ICI P4220182 A076B6101V
A15 Helleblau ICI P4220183 A076B6102V
A16 Essex Blue ICI P4220146 A076B6100V
A17 Essex Blue IPJ 2 Pack  
A18 Tissot Blue    
A19 Copper Fire Metallic ICI P4220311 A076B6107V
A20 Gold Sikkens F158979  
A21 Monaco White ICI P4207517 A089B6149V + Clear
A22 Lotus Yellow ICI P4200455 A089B6148V + Clear
A23 Calpyso Red ICI P420GJ23 A089B6150V + Clear
A24 Gunmetal    
A25 New Gold ICI P422062BB A089B6110V
A26 Copper    
A27 Toyota Red ICI P4220691  
A28 Ruban Red ICI P4229373  
A29 Copper ICI P4215031  
A30 Jupiter Red ICI P4216056 A089B6119V + Clear
A31 Copper ICI P4217222 A089B6107V + Clear
A32 Mediterranean Blue ICI P4217215   + Clear
A33 Ice Blue ICI P4217220 A089B6102V + Clear
A34 Dark Blue (Essex) ICI P4217219 A089B6100V + Clear
A35 Silver ICI P4217379 A089B6067V + Clear
A36 New Gold ICI P4217221 A089B6110V + Clear
A37 Fiat Grey ICI P4214491   + Clear
A38 Chrysler Steci Grey ICI P4215310 A089B6113V + Clear
A39 Ice Blue ICI P032   + Clear
A40 Silver ICI P032-918   + Clear
A41 Silver    
A42 British Racing Green ICI P4216490 A089B6088V + Clear
A43 Gold (Oyster) ICI P4215888  
A44 Glacier Blue ICI P4210757 A089B6086V + Clear
A45 Silver Frost ICI P4217805 A089B6087V + Clear
A46 Cream ICI P4209267  
A47 Graphite Grey ICI P4217937  
A48 Grey ICI A234B  
A49 Green ICI 1609B  
A50 Calypso Red Glazurit  
A51 Midnight Blue ICI P420NK60 A089B6117V + Clear
A52 Mediterranean Blue ICI P4218054 A089B6190V + Clear
A53 Cirrus Grey ICI P4218056 A089B6189V + Clear
A54 New Jupiter Red ICI P4218055 A089B6188V + Clear
A55 Cherry Red ICI JT 76 A089B6106V + Clear
A56 Nimbus Grey ICI P4218116M A089B6107V + Clear
A57 Shadow Grey ICI 679-1090B A089B6109V + Clear
A58 Champagne Gold ICI P4218117M A089B6115V + Clear
A59 Steel Blue ICI P4218118M A089B6116V + Clear
A60 Seal Grey ICI P4218147 A089B6136V + Clear
A61 Atlantic Green ICI P4218119M A089B6118V + Clear
A62 Claret ICI P4218120M A089B6119V + Clear
A63 British Racing Green ICI P420NV24 A089B6137V + Clear
P02 Pearlescent White ICI P4217865 A089B6184V + Clear
A67 Vulcan Grey (metallic)    

* This is used as the lower body colour on two tone cars with top body colours of A02, A23, A52, A59, A61, A62.

This is used as the lower body colour on two tone cars with top body colours other than thos listed under *

Water Base Paint
"When did Lotus introduce Water Base Paint?". The answer from the guys at lotus is "all vehicles from 1992".

Lotus Esprit – OZ Nova Wheel
The painting is from AKZO nobel and the code is::
- 7E85305 for painting silver
- 6880302 for black first painting
- 5K20023 for transparent

1993 to Follow:

lotus paint codes Code Name ICI Pinchin Johnson Du Pont Lotus Touch-up Lotus bulk Comments
A01 Oxford Blue P420113 A076B6060
A02 Black P420122 B036B6424S A089B6151V
A03 Silver Diamond P4229167 A075B6249F A076B6067
A04 Gold P4229638 A075B6250F A076B6071
A05 Viper Green P4229289 A075B6271F
A06 Bermuda Blue P4229288 A075B6251F A076B6072
A07 Roman Bronze P4229468 A075B6255F A076B6075
A08 Lotus Bronze P4229756 A075B6256F A076B6076
A09 Martini Green
A10 Metallic Black P4229719
A11 Martini Green P422 9890
A12 Onyx P4229809
A13 Tabac P4229781 A083B6252F A076B6080
A14 Altair Green P4220182 A076B6101V(?)
A15 Helleblau P4220183 A083B6254F A076B6102V
A16 Essex Blue P4220146 A082B6060F A076B6100V
A17 Essex Blue A082B6062F
A18 Tissot Blue
A19 Copper Fire Metallic P4220311 A082B6063F A076B6107V
A20 Gold Sikkens F15899
A21 Monaco White P4207517 B050B6237S A089B6149V
A22 Lotus Yellow P4200455 A075B6267F A089B6148V
A23 Calypso Red P420GJ23 D075B6264F A089B6150V
A24 Gunmetal
A25 New Gold P4220628B A076B6157F A076B6101V(?)
A26 Copper A082B6063F
A27 Toyota Red P4220691
A28 Ruben Red P4229373
A29 Copper P421 5031
A30 Jupiter Red P4216056 A076B6158F A076B6119V
A31 Copper P4217222 A076B6159F B076B6107V
A32 Mediterranean Blue P4217215 C082B6126J
A33 Ice Blue P4217220 B076B6102V
A34 Dark Blue (Essex) P4217219 A076B6161F B076B6100V
A35 Silver P4217379 A076B6162F B076B6067V
A36 New Gold P4217221 A076B6163F B076B6110V
A37 Fiat Grey P4214491
A38 Chrysler Steel Grey P4215310 A089B6164F A089B6113V + flex agent, Excel bumpers & sills
A39 Ice Blue P032
A40 Silver P032-918
A41 Silver
A42 British Racing Green P4216490 C082B6089J A082B6088V
A43 Gold (Oyster) P4215888
A44 Glacier Blue P4210757 C082B6090J A082B6086V
A45 Silver Frost P4217805 C082B6091J A082B6087V
A51 Midnight Blue A082B6125F
A52 Med.Blue C082B6126J
A53 Cirrus Grey A082B6127F
A54 Jupiter Red A082B6128F
A55 Cherry Red A082B6129F A082B6106V
A56 Nimbus Grey A082B6130F A082B6107V
A57 Shadow Grey A082B6131F A082B6109V
A58 Champagne Gold A082B6132F A082B6115V
A59 Steel Blue C082B6133J
A60 Seal Grey BC 36483 A A082B6144F A082B6136V
A61 Atlantic Green A082B6134F A082B6118V
A62 Claret Red C082B6145J A082B6119V
A63 British Racing Green B082B6146S
A64 Norfolk Mustard A100B6275S/A082B6216S
A65 British Racing Green B082B6171S A082B6137V/A089B6197V
A67 Vulcan Grey C082B6172J A089B6195V
A68 Pacific Blue C082B6173J A089B6196V
A71 Marque Lotus Green A089B6210V
A72 Aqua Blue A100B6276S
A73 Silk Red B100B6274J/B100B6276J
B01 Monaco White AB9149 A082B6294F
B02 Black 47600 A082B6295F
B03 Calypso Red AB K9197 D075B6264F
B04 Lotus New Racing Green AB K9349 D082B6146F
B05 Norfolk Mustard AB N9561 A082B6296F A082B6192V
B06 Aqua Blue L9682 A082B6309F
B07 Silk Red L9683 B082B6310F
B08 Pacific Blue AB N9144 D082B6173F
B09 Silver Frost AB L9056 D082B6091F
B10 Steel Blue AB N9148 A082B6311F
B11 Midnight Blue AB K9348 B082B6125F
B12 Ibiza Blue AB G9051 A082B6312F
B13 Metallic Black AB N113
B14 Metallic Green H8395 A082B6314F
B15 (?) Merc Black Metallic (?) F2033
B15 Pearl Silver A082B6315F
B16 Empire Green Metallic AB W9320 A082B6299F
B17 Mica Yellow 637CJ417 A082B6300F
B18 Medina Green Metallic N9888 A082B6301F
B19 Palacio Purple Metallic 3E321 A082B6302F
B20 Azure Blue Metallic L9890 A082B6303F
B21 Lotus Racing Green Met. F2256 A082B6304F
B22 Aluminium HY100 A082B6305F
B23 Ruby Red Metallic AB N9933 A082B6306F
B24 Bronze F0585 A082B6307F
B25 Chrome Orange F0262/HE01
B26 Saturn Silver F0189
B27 Electric Green F1613
B28 Deep Purple Metallic F0457
B29 Racing Green F1415
B30 Inferno K9381
B31 Pacific Green F1037
B32 Willow F1827
B33 Charcoal L9254
B34 Steel Blue N8661 A082B6116V
B35 New Aluminium BS97
B36 New Lotus Yellow (Spice) F8121
B37 Anniversary Green F1357
B38 Quicksilver H9594
B39 Scandal Green F1377
B40 Lotus Steel Blue Metallic G8928
B41 Metallic Green AB46700 K6
B42 Midnight Blue Metallic L8632 A082B6308F
B43 L.Yellow A075B6267F
B44 Night Blue Metallic AB H9597
B45 Cranberry Metallic N9571
B46 Bugatti Met A082B6335F
B47 Ferrari Yellow F2260
B48 Mauritius Blue Metallic H9322
B49 Pearl Black H9595
B50 Orient Blue Metallic XB-FOA20
B51 Pearl White AB N9150
B52 Magenta Metallic H9883
B53 Red Pearl Metallic F1127
B54 Bugatti Blue Mono AB F0496
B55 Ferrari Red H8436
B57 Juvarra Ivory Metallic 712 A082B6334F
B58 Estoril Blue Metallic
B59 Vulcan Grey Metallic N9145
B60 Cosmos Black Metallic F0642
B61 Nautilus Blue Metallic W9783
B62 Titanium Metallic F0576
B63 Lotus Racing Yellow W9424
B64 Pearl White/Gold H0867/AM76
B65 Pearl White/Blue F4803
B66 Mendip Blue F1487
B67 Espsom Green Metallic F1001
B68 Peugeot Blue F1821
B69 Sahara Gold Metallic HY6
B70 Viola Metallic HY39/97
B71 Old English White WT03
B72 Lynx Flag Blue Metallic F9915
B73 Atlantic Blue Metallic L9560
B74 Dolphin Blue Metallic
B75 Motorsport Green M1362
B76 Light Blue P290C
B77 Envy Green Metallic LY6K
B78 Atlantis Blue Pearl M9385
B79 Starmist Blue Metallic
B80 Grey Metallic N8990
B81 Black Metallic L9024 A082B6313F
B82 Winter Green Metallic F4514
B83 Lightning Yellow Pearl P1375
B84 Lava Orange Pearl P1376
B85 Laser Blue Metallic P1377
B86 Racing Green Metallic P1378
B87 Ice Blue Metallic P1379
B88 Gunmetal Metallic P1380
B89 Quartz Metallic P1381
B90 Cobalt Blue Metallic P1382
B91 Aqua Metallic P1383
B92 Silver Metallic P1384
B93 Starlight Black P4382
B94 Ardent Red P4885
L01 British Racing Green P0302854 6170Y2790 A036B6315S A036B6315V
L02 French Blue P0307210 6170Z1280 A036B6316V
L03 Wedgewood Blue 6170Z1290 A036B6317V
L04 Cirrus White P0309049 6170X0540 A036B6318V
L05 Carnival Red P0308385 6170X5350 A036B6319V
L06 Burnt Sand P0306853 6170X4570 A036B6320V
L07 Lotus Yellow P0309547 6170X3940 A036B6418S A036B6321V
L08 Matt Black Non Gloss 0235X9050RZ A036B6312V
L09 Royal Blue P0307557 6170Z1920 A036B6322V
L10 Bahama Yellow P0306854 6170Y3140 A036B6323V
L11 Regency Red P0309053 6170Y5960 A036B6423S A036B6356V
L12 Lagoon Blue P0314339 6170A1130 A036B6357V
L13 Pistachio Lime Green P0309052 6170W2230R1 A036B6349V
L14 Colorado Orange P0309055 6170Z5980RJ A036B6350V
L15 Black Gloss P030122 B036B6424S A036B6397V
L16 Ford Tawny P0313626 6170A4330 A036B6399V
L17 Renault Mid Green 6170A2580 A036B6426V
L18 Glacier Blue P0794403 A050B6223V
L19 Sable P0307604 A050B6225V
L20 Indigo Blue A050B6226V
L21 Purple P0314963 B050B6228V
L22 Bitter Green P0309501 6170X2097 A050B6229V
L23 Sepia Brown P030TW25028 6170Y4817 A050B6223
L24 Firecracker P03038662 6170X5150 A050B6231V
L25 Monaco White P0307517 B050B6237S B050B6232V
L26 Olympic Blue P0309257 A050B6233V
L27 Gunmetal P0313141 B075B6096V
L28 Rover Brown
L29 Mint Green P030DC27 A075B6258F A075B6116V
L30 Garnet P0314984 A075B6117V
L31 Lemon Yellow P0300455 A075B6267F A075B6141V
L32 Oxford Blue P030113 A075B6143V(?)
L33 Ford Signal Orange DA 21
L34 Roman Bronze P031505 A075B6143V(?)
L35 Brazil P0314563
L36 Silver P0315699
L37 Jupiter Base Coat P031 9235
L38 Garnet Base Coat P0319142
L39 Versailles Red
L40 Midnight Blue P0304647 A082B6117V
L41 Crystal Blue
L42 Calypso Red P030GJ23 A075B6178V
L43 Martini Green
L44 Essex Blue P031 9176
L45 British Racing Green P030CC43
L46 British Racing Green P0308120
L47 British Racing Green P0308461
P02 Pearlescent White A089B6184V
P030 Arctic Green A100B6028V
S01 White P407701 A076B6024V Repair cellulose P030101
S02 Signal Red P407717 A076B6025V Repair cellulose P030437
S03 Lemon Yellow P407783 A076B6026V Repair Cellulose P030455
S04 Orange P407720 A076B6034V Repair Cellulose P030457
S05 Oxford Blue P047738 Repair Cellulose P030113
Anti Chip A100B6089F
Black Crackle Finish A910E6605V
Gold Lacquer 6170A3130 A036B6345V Elan Sprint bumpers
Metallic Jewels A050B6222V +2S roof
Red Crackle Finish A912E6830V
Silver A036B6355V +2S roof
Silver Lacquer 6170A8020 A036B6313V Elan bumpers


Here are the paints currently available from Lotus Cars Ltd. in the
UK. Prices in Pounds Sterling.
A076B6024V 12.33 LT White Polyurethane Paint
A076B6025V 33.61 LT Red Polyurethane Paint
A076B6026V 18.64 LT Paint-Lemon Yellow
A076B6034V 17.56 LT Paint-Orange
A076B6075V 30.57 LT Roman Bronze Paint
A076B6110V 54.98 LT New Gold Paint
A082B6106V 37.85 LT Paint-Cherry Red55
A082B6107V 37.85 LT Paint-Nimbus Grey
A082B6109V 37.85 LT Paint-Shadow Grey
A082B6115V 37.85 LT Paint-Champagne Gold
A082B6116V 37.85 LT Paint-Steel BlueS
A082B6117V 37.85 LT Paint-Midnight Blue
A082B6118V 37.85 LT Paint-Atlantic Green
A082B6119V 37.85 LT Paint-Claret Cellulose62
A082B6136V 37.85 LT Paint-Seal Grey
A082B6137V 37.85 LT Paint-British Racing Green
A082B6192V 42.72 LT Paint-Norfolk Mustard-A64
A089B6113V 37.85 LT Paint-Steel Grey
A089B6150V 45.42 LT Paint-Calypso Red23
A089B6184V 66.52 LT Paint-Pearlescent White
A089B6195V 45.42 LT Paint-Vulcan Grey67
A089B6196V 27.04 LT Paint-Pacific Blue68
A089B6197V 32.45 LT Paint-B.R.Green (89)65
A089B6210V 32.45 LT Paint-Marque Lotus Green71
A100B6028V 84.10 LT Paint-Arctic Green P030
A100B6089F 45.75 LT Paint-Anti Chip
A910E6605V 22.81 LT Paint-Black Crackle Finish
A912E6830V 38.75 LT Paint-Red Crackle Finish
B076B6100V 42.72 LT Dark Blue Paint
B076B6102V 56.86 LT Paint-Ice Blue33
B076B6107V 30.57 LT Copper Paint
P691.8020.001AV 56.72 LT Paint-Yellow Mica (Gold Pearl)
What follows is a list of all the current Lotus Touch-up Paints:
A036B6315S 4.27 EA Touch In-B.R.Green L01
A036B6418S 4.27 EA Touch In-Lotus Yellow L07
A036B6421S 4.27 EA Touch In-Spruce Green
A036B6423S 4.27 EA Touch In-Regency Red L11
B036B6424S 3.19 EA Touch In Stick-Black L15/A02
B050B6237S 3.19 EA Touch In Stick-Monaco L25/A21
A075B6249F 4.62 EA Touch In-Silver Diamond A03
A075B6250F 4.62 EA Touch In-Gold A04
A075B6251F 4.62 EA Touch In-Bermuda Blue A06
A075B6255F 4.62 EA Touch In-Roman Bronze A07
A075B6256F 4.62 EA Touch In-Lotus Bronze A08
A075B6258F 4.62 EA Touch In-Mint Green L29
A075B6267F 4.62 EA Touch In-L.Yellow L31/A22/B43
A075B6271F 4.62 EA Touch In-Viper Green A05
D075B6264F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Calypso A23/B03
A076B6157F 4.62 EA Touch In-New Gold A25
A076B6158F 4.62 EA Touch In-Jupiter Red A30
A076B6159F 4.62 EA Touch In-Copper A31
A076B6161F 4.62 EA Touch In-Dark Blue A34
A076B6162F 4.62 EA Touch In-Silver A35
A076B6163F 4.62 EA Touch In-New Gold A36
A082B6060F 4.97 EA Touch In-Essex Blue A16
A082B6062F 4.97 EA Touch In-Essex Blue A17
A082B6063F 4.97 EA Touch In-Copper A19/A26
A082B6125F 4.97 EA Touch In-Midnight Blue A51
A082B6127F 4.97 EA Touch In-Cirrus Grey A53
A082B6128F 4.97 EA Touch In-Jupiter Red A54
A082B6129F 4.97 EA Touch In-Cherry Red A55
A082B6130F 4.97 EA Touch In-Nimbus Grey A56
A082B6131F 4.97 EA Touch In-Shadow Grey A57
A082B6132F 4.97 EA Touch In-Champagne Gold A58
A082B6134F 4.97 EA Touch In-Atlantic Green A61
A082B6144F 4.97 EA Touch In-Seal Grey A60
A082B6216S 4.97 EA Touch In-Norfolk Mustard A64
A082B6294F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Monaco B01
A082B6295F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Black B02
A082B6296F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Mustard B05
A082B6299F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Empire Grn 6
A082B6300F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Mica Yellow 7
A082B6301F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Medina Grn 8
A082B6302F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Palicio B19
A082B6303F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Azure Blue 0
A082B6304F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-L.R.Green 1
A082B6305F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Aluminium 2
A082B6306F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Ruby Red B23
A082B6307F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Bronze B24
A082B6308F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-M.Night Met B42
A082B6309F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Aqua Blue B06
A082B6311F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Steel Blue 0
A082B6312F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Ibiza Blue 2
A082B6313F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Black Met 3
A082B6314F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Green Met 4
A082B6315F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Pearl Silvr 5
A082B6334F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Ivory B57
A082B6335F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Bugatti Met B46
B082B6125F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Midnight B11
B082B6146S 3.19 EA Touch In Stick-B.R.Green A63
B082B6171S 3.19 EA Touch In Stick-B.R.Green A65
B082B6310F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Silk Red B07
C082B6089J 5.36 EA Touch In Kit-B.R G.Met A42
C082B6090J 5.36 EA Touch In Kit-Glacier Blue A44
C082B6091J 5.36 EA Touch In Kit-Silver Frost A45
C082B6126J 5.36 EA Touch In Kit-Med.Blue A32/A52
C082B6133J 5.36 EA Touch In Kit-Steel Blue A59
C082B6145J 5.36 EA Touch In Kit-Claret Red A62
C082B6172J 5.36 EA Touch In Kit-Vulcan Grey A67
C082B6173J 5.36 EA Touch In Kit-Pacific Blue A68
D082B6091F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Silv Frost B09
D082B6146F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-B.R.Green B04
D082B6173F 4.73 EA Touch In Stick-Pacific B08
A083B6252F 4.97 EA Touch In-Tabac A13
A083B6254F 4.97 EA Touch In-Helleblau A15
A089B6164F 4.97 EA Touch In-Steel Grey A38
A100B6275S 3.22 EA Touch In Stick-N.Mustard A64
A100B6276S 3.22 EA Touch In Stick-Aqua Blue A72
B100B6274J 5.36 EA Touch In Kit-Silk Red A73
B100B6276J 5.36 EA Touch In Kit-Aqua Blue A72

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