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Fog/Brake Light Conversion

For those in countries where fog lights aren't a legal requirement. A nice little modification can be made to the rear light. By rewiring the lights, you can make the fogs come on at the same time as the brake lights. Giving you an extra set of brake lights. This can be done easily, all you needed is a crimping set, or something to join the wires together, some extra wire, new bulbs (so not too blind those behind) and about half an hour.

Remove the cover as show above, this will expose the wires. Remember to check all the lights before you drive your Esprit.


Now all you need to do is change the fog bulbs for standard brake bulbs. Then cut into the current wires for the brake lights. Run another wire off, making sure all connections are firm, and attach it to the new bulb in the fog compartment. So you'll have the original wire still going to the brake light, and a wire stripped in to that wire, running to the fog light


Now when you push the brake pedal, you get four lights instead of two. This process is easily reversible, so for those in countries requiring fogs, can easily do this modification in the summer months and revert back once there's a need for fogs (or an MOT). The wiring may be a little different, but it shouldn't be too hard to work out.

Better still, use a diode (not a LED, an ordinary diode that can handle 3amps) to connect the two light systems brake/fog (as described above). That way you can keep the fog lights functioning as usual but have them both light up when braking if the fog lights are off (if fog lights on they are already litJ). I don’t know specs for fog light bulbs abroad but here in Sweden they are 21W which is the same as the brake lights so there is no need to change bulbs (at least not in Sweden). There is NO need to revert back for a MOT, fogs work as they should.

IMPORTANT! Make sure you place the diode so the current flows in the right direction, otherwise you will lose brake lights when fog lights are lit.

I found a pic of how the diode should be placed.

I used two because I didn’t have one that could handle the currents by itself. It should then be insulated properly to prevent shorts.

I performed this mod on my Esprit Turbo MY88, works like a charm.

Hope this is useful

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