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Replacing Esprit Tyres

Esprit Tyre Sizes

Stevens Fronts Rears Original Make Estimated cost (each)
Sport 350 235/40 ZR 17" 295/35 ZR 18" Pirelli P-Zero £165/£250
V8 235/40 ZR 17" 285/35 ZR 18" Dunlop SP Sport 9000 £165/£200
GT3 215/40 ZR 17" 245/45 ZR 17" Goodyear Eagle GS-A £120/£220
S4S 235/40 ZR 17" 285/35 ZR 18" Michelin Pilot MXX3 £130/£200
Sport 300 245/45 ZR 16" 315/35 ZR 17" Goodyear GS-C £120/£390
S4 215/40 ZR 17" 245/45 ZR 17" Goodyear Eagle GS-A £170/£220
SE 215/50 ZR 15" 245/50 ZR 16" Goodyear Eagle GS-A £160/£160
X180R 225/50 VR 16" 275/40 VR 16" Bridgestone Potenza £150/N/A
Turbo 195/60 VR 15" 235/60 VR 15" Goodyear Eagle NCT £75/£110
N/A 195/60 VR 15" 235/60 VR 15" Goodyear Eagle NCT £75/£110
Turbo HC 195/60 HR 15" 235/60 HR 15" Goodyear Eagle NCT £75/£110
Turbo 195/60 HR 15" 235/60 HR 15" Goodyear Grand Prix £75/£110
S3 195/60 HR 15" 235/60 HR 15" Goodyear Grand Prix £75/£110
Essex 195/60 HR 15" 235/60 HR 15" Goodyear Grand Prix £75/£110
S2.2 195/60 HR 14" 205/70 HR 14" Goodyear Grand Prix £70/£85
JPS 195/60 HR 14" 205/70 HR 14" Goodyear Grand Prix £70/£85
S2 195/70 HR 14" 205/70 HR 14" Goodyear Grand Prix £65/£85
S1 195/70 HR 14" 205/70 HR 14" Goodyear Grand Prix £65/£85


Lotus Esprit Tyres

Check out this site for Esprit Tyres, not used it yet, but might be of use to some. If you use this site please email me and tell us how they performed.

www.mytyres.co.uk (3% discount for members of ClubLEW)
glow worm in watford, 01923 240599

'Tyres To You' on 0870 2407787. Ask for Gary and mention you want a price for Esprit tyres. They're mobile and did a great job on my rears - £420 all in both rear, Michelins.Kev O

Locking Wheel Nuts for S350 Wheels

After some research, i have the details of a company making locking wheel bolts in the correct size for the crono magnesio wheels (sport 350 type). The bolts are made by ASTRALI www.astrali.co.uk and the reference is "LB48" (part No 942754).

You can find your nearest outlet by ringing the astrali sales office 01922 454 815 or check your local motor accessories shop - lots of places stock the astrali stuff. The LB48 wheel bolts do not fit any vehicle with standard wheels; these bolts are `specials' that astrali have manufactured for people who swap their original standard wheels for aftermarket alloys.

Retail price is £22.11. Quality is excellent - very substantial, unlike the naff tri-locks or similar. N.B. these are for the V8 only when fitted with OZ Crono Magnesio wheels - these are a longer bolt (32mm thread length) than is used for V8's with AWIs etc. If someone wants to see if these guys can also do a locking bolt for the 'normal' V8 wheel then drop me a line off list - i have a contact there i can pass on who was very helpful.

Rob Ellis 98 V8-GT (with locked mag wheels!)

Tyre Discounts

Tyres are a common theme and as my GT3 now needs a new set of rears I have been doing a bit of digging. A friend is working for www.blackcircles.com and has offered to sort out a deal for me and fellow Esprit owners of 5% off the web prices and will try and ensure that all the relevant sizes are available. I thought this maybe of interest for some of you.

They have set up a promotional code for the members. If they type in Lotus123 it will show discounted prices for all members. This is live as of now. This will give the members a five percent discount on any tyre, not just Lotus Options. Also if what people want is not on the site then they should call the sales team on 0845 200 0022 to see if we can source it.

Thanks to John Lithgow ('99 T Blue GT3) for setting this up.


Esprit Owners Experiences

Thought I would let you know that I used MYTYRES.CO.UK as mentioned on Lotus Esprit World and they were great. There is a local branch here in the Netherlands, they had an excellent search engine that was easy to use and I found the tyres straight away. There was only one option of tyre offered for the sizes that I wanted, but as I could not find any 245/50 x 16's anywhere else, I opted to give them a try. The rears were Kumho 712's - size 245/50 x ZR16 priced at 106.10 Euro per tyre (£74) and Bridgestone S01's on the front size 215/50 x ZR15 149.40 Euro per tyre (£104).

Compared to other brands the tyres were very cheap and included tax and delivery which was within 3 days. Overall an excellent service, I will certainly use them again.

Graham B. Elliott

Discountinued Tyres
23rd February 2004

Lotus have sourced some new Tyres which they now have at Hethel. They need to carry out handling testing (dry & wet) to ensure they are satisfactory. They are looking at several different Tyres from more than one manufacturer. Assuming all is o.k. they will have them Type Approved for the Esprit.

This should overcome the 'Tyre Problem' that has arisen due to the Good Year Eagle NCT no longer being available.


Lotus Esprit Sport 350 new rear tyres 15th January 2002

Formula 1 Tyre Centre in Bedford were used for a set of new rears for Phil's 350. After speaking to the manager the day before about fitting the tyres to the expensive magnesium alloys and feeling ok about letting a non-lotus company do the job (with RobC giving us more confidence), we turned up the next day to have them done.


'Wot no Jack, time for some inventive jacking, a piece of wood, Check out the 350 rear discs.'


Time to take the old tyres off' 'Be careful, your on camera, it takes two baby'


'And a new one goes on, New and old, how long will these last?''  10,000 miles to wear these down!'

First problem was that their jack would fit under the jacking point, the 350 doesn't come with a Jack or Spare Wheel (option). My SE Jack was of no use, so a block of wood was used with success. The whole process only took around 45 minutes and was done with extra care and attention which made Phil feel a little happier (might have something to do with us both on his shoulder and me taking photos all the time). Two 295x35x18" Pirelli P-Zero's fitted for just under £500 wasn't a bad price. A huge saving on dealer prices and a good job done.

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