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M.O.T.ing an Esprit
Guide for the UK's Testing

What to Check
The MoT needs doing every year once your car is over 3 years old. It basically just checks the road worthiness of the car and makes sure of the basic integrity of the car. It's worth checking a few things before taking your Esprit for a test. It's not worth failing because you've a light out, or your horn's packed up. Do these simply checks before your test to increase the chances of sailing through!

Check: Front & Rear lamps, Headlamps, Aim, Stop Lamps, Rear reflectors, Fogs, indicators & hazards.

Tyres & Wheels
Check: Tyre condition

Check: Mountings, condition & operation

Check: Drivers view of road, Horn, Wipers, Exhaust system, Mirrors, Reg plates and Vin Numbers, Speedo

Esprit weakness!
Horn, Corroded lights


21st March 2014 MOT
It was time for our yearly MoT again, so we took it to the Bedford MoT Centre due to their lfit having a flat run on. If you've read about our previous MoTs, getting something like an Esprit on a ramp can be risky for your front splitter/bumper. Some have
small ramps up onto the actual ramp. You can see in pictures from back in 2005.

As for the actual MoT, the Esprit was flying through until the headlight pods went up, but the lights didn't some on. Full Beam revealed that all four lights were working. This is obviuosly a fail, which wasn't good, especially as I'd checked all the lights, windscreen wipers and fluids, horn and everything else it's possible to check. The handbrake came up a little weak, but passable and the emissions were good, but not at a level where you can get a cert. Something about the lambretta sensor reading. Once the MoT was done it was just the headlights stopping it from passing. So with the front bonnet up it was a chance to check the fuses and relays. Not having the manual and time to check them all. I just pulled and replaced them all, including the relays in the panel next to the clutch fluid. And that was enough to get them working. Pass

So another year legally on the road for our Esprit.



June 18th 2005 MOT
After running without an MoT for 4 months, mainly due to the fact we knew it would fail. We finally got our Test done, as the Tax is due the end of the month and the rear's wouldn't pass given too much more time!. We fixed the washers, motor needed cleaning. We fixed the horn, well fitted a new one. We removed the locking wheel nuts, key broke! And we checked all the lights were working.

We decided to book our Esprit in with the same company that removed our locking wheel nuts (x2) the previous week for only £30 (Formula 1 Tyre Centre in Bedford). Unfortunately it wouldn't go on the ramp and they didn't really want to try as other companies have done in the past (see below).


They phoned around and go us a slot at L.A. Auto's who have a flat ramp and would have not problems getting us on their ramp. The Esprit flew through the test, only picking up a warning on our rear tyres (again)! Emissions passed no problems without the CAT. LA Auto's also were pretty knowledgable about the Esprit and have worked on them before. They have also do a few things with Club Lotus over the years. We'll be using them again, if only for their flat ramp!


LEW's Esprit takes to the ramp to get it's yearly test. Nice E-Type Jag there havng some work done on the carbs. Final cost of passing the MoT was £42.10. We would have though it would be a standard charge, but an Elise was charged £38.50 for it's MoT the week before at a different garage!

L. A. Auto Services Ltd
Specialist Repairs in VW & Audi
4/5 Shuttleworth Court
Shuttleworth Road
Bedford MK41 0EN

Tel: 01234 354237/351431
Fax: 01234 211078


Lotus Esprit SE highwing's January 14th 2002 MOT
Busy time for LEW's Esprit, and as expensive as usual. Firstly we had our MOT, it wasn't due till the end of February, but decided to do it now so I had some time to sort any problem, plus the fact that the rears wouldn't pass the MOT come February. Decided to go for a back street tyre company, as we guess that if they know they can't do any failure work on the car, they're more likely to pass it than have it back for a free re-test. Used Homan Tyre Co Ltd (01234 851850) in Kempston, Bedford. Kept an eye on them, which was lucky as the had trouble just getting it on the ramp.

'That's never going to get on there with its bumper still on'

'After some thought a solution is found and the Esprit makes it on in one piece'. 'Let the test begin, now where's the engine'


'Time for lunch as my car goes through the mill, passes first time!'

Once it was on the ramp and we'd shown them how to open the boot, bonnet and where to find the chassis number, we retired to the pub opposite (Fox & Hound) and had a pub lunch of lasanage and chips while we watched from the window. The Esprit Passed with only 2 warning, headlamp corrosion (see Les Twigg for replacement) and rear tyre wear. The cost of this experience was £37.60, not sure how they worked this out, just happy it passed without a major injection of £££££.


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