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Valeting R Us
Esprit get's a clean from the professional mobile valeting services

The Esprit is a beautiful car. Even when it's dirty. Ours is black and gets dirty really quickly. Time to call the professionals in and see what they can do. Let's face it. We've made their job easy, starting with such a fine canvas. Not only are we too lazy to clean our Esprit, but we're too lazy to take it to get cleaned. We called Professional Mobile Valeting Services company, VALETING R US from Bedford.

Will our Esprit be in tip-top condition for the LEW Oxford Meeting the next day? Will our laziness pay-off! Read on to find out.

Valeting R Us use ULTRA-ION, advanced cleaning and paint protection system. Cleans, seals, polishes and protects.


This job will take about 2-3 hours for a full valet.




Wax Wash
External Windows

Wax Wash
External Windows
Dash Polish
Ash Tray
Air Freshener

Wax Wash
External Windows
Dash Polish
Ash Tray
Air Freshener

Machine Polish all over vehicle
between doors bootlid
Leather treatment if required

Small: £6.75
Medium: £7.75
Large: £8.75
Small: £13.75
Medium: £14.75
Large: £17.75


LEW's Esprit hadn't been cleared for a while and had been doing some motorway miles. It had also been rained on quite a few times, so the bodywork wasn't what you'd call 'gleaming'.


We'd just finished wiring up our Sport 350 wing and were in need of a clean before the Oxford Meeting the next day.


Time for VALETING R US to do all the hard work for us. A local (to Bedford) Professional Mobile Valeting Services.


A Full Valet for £45 was in order. Need to make the right impression at the Oxford meeting. And it really didn't need another polish!


Starting on our brake dust covered wheels.


Once the boots were clean, the body work was next.


Valeting R Us demonstrated the ULTR-ION product they use on part of the bonnet.


A picture doesn't 'speak a thousand words' here! You can't see the shine that well. Let's just say it works very well.


We left them to it and came back an hour later to find a very shiny Esprit!


These picture are a little better, but nothing like in real life. The Esprit is gleaming, almost mirror like!


We're hoping our gleaming Esprit makes it to the Oxford meeting in this condition, so we can show it off. Rain is forecast, so we might not!

LEW's Verdict

We didn't have the time to clean and polish our Esprit. With the Oxford Meeting the next day and a very early start needed. We needed a solution. A car wash isn't the best place for an Esprit. It needs some hands on care. Valeting-R-Us did wonders. We didn't have to travel and we could put the car away straight after the valet to ensure it stays clean. Not only was it gleaming, but all the windows were cleaned and the inside was sorted.

Our Esprit's only been cleaner once and that was when we spent two days cleaning every part. We would happily use Valeting-R-Us again and would recommend them to you. If you're in the Bedford area and need some help. You can call Valeting-R-Us on 01234 271637 or 07881 437846.

This valet was performed by VALETING R US on LEW's 1992 SE

If you have any comments, feel free to e-mail us at admin@lotusespritworld.com


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