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OBII Code Reader 3100

This is one of the OBII Code readers supplied by Gendan Direct. This code reader will help you read error codes from the Esprits V8 engine management system and reset the engine check light once the error has been dealt with. This is a quick guide on how the 3100 works and how to use the reader on an Esprit V8. For more info on OBII readers and more details on the 3100's specification, see the OBII Guide under maintenance.

You can purchase the 3100 here and for details of the 10% discount available to Club LEW members, see here


You will need the following parts:

Code Reader 3100k

You will need the following tools:



The OBDII 3100 Code Reader was delivered next day via Royal mail. It comes in its own plastic carrying case, including the reader, OBDII cable, batteries (3xAAA) and user manual.


The reader has a large display and four buttons for simple use. Now for connecting it to an Esprit V8. We used a 1999 Sport 350 to test the reader on. This equipment should work on all V8 Esprits except the early 1996 model, which uses a different system. We used the connection under the passenger seat dash to connect our reader to. You'll probably need to get into the 'Lotus Position' to find the connector (see middle picture). The connector can be pushed right up under the dash and may need some searching to find.


This is the connector you are looking for (left). There was also a ALDL connector attached on the same loop on the Esprit we used, so make sure you use the correct one. Now simple connect the OBDII connector to the correct end of the 3100 readers cable.


This is how your connector should look once connected (left). You can now attached the other end to the reader. You are now ready to go (right).


For basic operations, follow the 3 simple steps in the manual. Turn the ignition ON, but do NOT start the engine. Turn the code reader ON. Press the 'Link' button. The code reader will link to the Esprit's computer and retrieve any stored codes. You can see the reader connecting to the Esprit's engine management (centre) and the showing the fault codes (right).

Fortunately the V8 we tested had no fault codes present and was in good health. If more than one fault code has been picked up, you can scroll through them. If the reader brings up any codes, all you need to do is look up them up in the manual. The manual holds all the generic codes for OBDII. For Lotus specific codes you'll need to refer to the V8 manual. These codes should be made available shortly for those without a workshop manual.


This code reader is a simple device for reading fault codes on your Esprit. It won't fix them, but will give you valuable information on what problems your V8 is having. Simple to use and not too costly, it's something every V8 owner should have in their glovebox. Come the time when your engine check light starts flashing you'll be glad you've got one.

The device can also save you money! You'll be able to read the codes and find out the problems your V8 is having without having to trek to the nearest Lotus Dealer. False alarms can be spotted and simple fixes can be performed without the need of a dealer. More serious problems can be dealt with quicker and more safely and reduce the dealer time on your Esprit, saving you money. Why wouldn't you want one? 

Remember this will work on some post 1997 vehicles and most post 2001 vehicles, so you can use it on the 'other' car!

Order Here!

This guide was performed on Phil Copperwheat's 1999 Sport 350

If you have any comments, feel free to e-mail me with at admin@lotusespritworld.com


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